Nothing to See Here

I’ve been coding and coding and coding a website that has a deadline that I hope to meet by the weekend.  Today I take off for my normal Wednesday afternoon activities with the kids at church, but I’m sure that coding will be in my head until I get the site done. 

Whoa, you ever dream of web codes?  Wish I could say I remember what I dream so the coding would go quicker, but all I remember is waking up and feeling like all I’ve done is WORK all night long, in my sleep!

Be back soon! 

Here’s another tote I put together last weekend:


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    Catching up on Quilting

    I spent hours updating a number of my websites last night, and hope you’ll go check them out and enjoy what I offer!

    I hope you enjoy all that we offer – there’s more coming, so stay tuned!

    “Santorini Stars” Block #1 from the 2010 Block of the Month Quilt

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      Stock Show More Important than School???

      Though most of the northerners in the US are out of school for weather-related reasons — our girls are out because of the county stock show.  uh huh. 

      <shaking head>

      <shrugging shoulders>

      <picking mouth up off of floor>

      I am, once again, beside myself.  This makes as much sense as closing the school because the football team actually made a touchdown!

      When my academically-enriched children participate in an ACADEMIC event – such as UIL, they are released for the day with an excused absense.  It doesn’t release them from homework, but it means we don’t have to take them to the doctor to get a “get out of jail free” card!

      So, why-oh-why can’t the same ring true for the local stock show?  Yes, we’re in Texas, where a lot of credence is given to those who raise and show animals.  Yes, we live in a rural community where folks have ranches and ranchitas – heck, we even raise chickens (though not for show – we like the eggs)!  But, remember, half of our school population lives at the local children’s home – where they don’t raise and show animals at the stock show!

      Just looking at the calendar, perhaps the kids wouldn’t have to go to school for TWO days in June, if they’d have just given the stock show kids an excused absence for today and tomorrow and let the other 80% – 90% get an education within the confines of their SCHOOL.  Wow, there’s a novel idea!!!

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        2010 Prayer Journal

        Our dear friends came over last week, and gifted us with presents.  Boy, did I underestimate that one!  I didn’t get them a darned thing – not even a tater bag!  <badfriend>

        My gift is a beautiful, small journal – appears to be hand-made luscious paper, bound into a book:


        I declared it would be my 2010 prayer journal.  I usually put my prayer lists on my calendar – but, between my work, my kids’ schedules and all of the other appointments that I have to keep up with – it got a little congested on those little lines on the calendar.  SO, I’m going to keep my prayers separate – and hopefully, it’ll give me a chance to say a prayer when the prayer is requested, and then remember to say a prayer for the person(s) before I go to bed each night.  Hey, if one aspirin works, why not try two?!

        Do you keep a prayer journal?

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          Quilt Therapy Year in Review

          Do you ever feel like you spend all your time treading water and never really swimming anywhere?  I think that’s how I’d sum up 2009 for myself (personally) and for our family.  Good things happened, bad things happened – but, I don’t feel as if I’ve gone anywhere.  So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to really see if I’ve moved forward with regard to my creativity & quilt therapy:

          1)  January 2009: 

          2)  February 2009:

          3)  March 2009:

          4)  April 2009:

          5)  May 2009:

          6)  June 2009:

          7)  July 2009:

          8)  August 2009:

          9)  September 2009:

          • ummm, don’t see that I did anything!  eeek

          10)  October 2009:

          11)  November 2009:

          12)  December 2009:

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