Friday Funday: Double Wedding Ring Quilt Tutorials

“My First Double Wedding Ring Quilt” by Joanne from Thread Head

“Vintage Double Wedding Ring” from McCall’s Quilting

“Pickledish Quilt-a-Long” by Aneela Hoey from Comfort Stitching


“Double Wedding Ring by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom for Free Spirit Fabric

“Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring™ Quilt by Darlene Zimmerman from Simplicity

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    Quilting with Nature

    Fabric colors reflect the creativity of the designer’s eye.  However, we do not always know what those colors are based on.  For example, if there’s a fabric line that takes its colors from a rock collection – what rocks?  Are they geographical rocks found only where the designer lives and/or works?  Precious stones?  We quilters just don’t know!

    What we can do, though, is to use nature to dictate the colors of our quilts.  It’s a pretty simple process even if you believe you are challenged by computer programs.  Use an image program to ‘point to’ the colors you would like to use and then paste that color on a new blank or white image.  Save it on your computer with the photos or print it out so you have it when you go fabric shopping.

    Here’s one that I found that is pretty cool.  This butterfly was no longer alive when one of our kids brought it in the house.  They loved the colors!  What they didn’t know was that the underside of the butterfly had a different pattern and different colors than the front!


    Front of the Butterfly


    Colors from the front of the Butterfly


    Back side of the Butterfly


    Colors from the back side of the Butterfly

    Let’s create a quilted nature!

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      Novice Notions for the Fabric of Our Lives

      These are my top five notions for a novice quilter:


      Quality Thread






      Seam Ripper


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        Quilt Article: Quilt Notions for Novices by TK Harrison

        Social media is a great place to meet and greet other quilters, quilt professionals and manufacturers or distributors of quilt-related merchandise.  Where else can you have 2000 friends and only a couple dozen are family members?  Where else can you get (mostly) positive feedback on something you’ve accomplished and want to show it off to the your quilt world?

        It’s also a great place to pick quilter’s brains!  Recently, I took an informal poll and asked my Facebook quilt friends:  “What are the TOP FIVE quilt notions you would recommend for a beginning quilter?”  The results were somewhat varied but what it really did was to make me put some thought into my own top five quilt notions that I would suggest to a beginning quilter.


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          They Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand


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