“American Quilter” March 2016: Quilting for Multiple Sclerosis by TK Harrison


American Quilter – March 2016 Issue

My article in the March 2016 issue of American Quilter, focuses on Quilting for MS.  This topic hits pretty close to home, since I myself was diagnosed with MS in late December 2010.


What I have found SO amazing about my published articles thus far is that the organizations I have highlighted in them has found a surge of new volunteers – which was the goal!  With this latest article, the Quilt Blocks for MS group on Facebook have not only found themselves with new volunteers but with volunteers who either suffer from MS or someone close to them (husband, child, etc.) suffers with the relentless damage that MS causes.

There’s a lot of love in the quilt world and when I hear the stories from the leaders of the (lesser known) charities I’ve written about, they are so appreciative that I chose to highlight them and the wonderful things they do for others.  I come away with a huge smile and a heartfelt thank you to American Quilter magazine for publishing not just one of my articles but a whole year’s worth!  And the quilters the magazine reaches have stepped up to the plate to help those in need – that’s almost like doing a public service announcement!

Quilters are amazing people with great big hearts and a willingness to do good for others, with their only goal being just to help those in need.  Thank you, from one quilter to another.

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