Hubster’s Micro Container Gardening

Sometimes, I just shake my head at some of the ideas my husband has for gardening.  He’s the one with all of the agriculture degrees so he definitely knows what he’s doing – even if I don’t.

Last week, I woke up from nap to find this on the porch:


I had no clue what it was though I was glad he was re-purposing some of my plastic soda bottles.  He explained to me that he planted beans in this batch.  I think green beans but again, I forgot to ask.  LOL

These beans weren’t the only thing he planted – he used different ‘planters’ for other veggies, just to see what would work and what wouldn’t.

This weekend, I went outside to find that he not only had beans already growing, but his yellow crook-neck squash and his zucchini were also sprouting their first leaves:



I guess I’ll wait to see how all of this turns out for him!

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    Friday Funday: Pinterest Folded Fabric Projects


    Folded Star Mat Tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar Designs


    Fabric Flower Tutorial from Obstinate Pursuit


    Fabric Ornament Tutorial from Katrina’s Tutorials


    Folded Star Mat 2 Tutorial from Vicki’s Fabric Creations


    Fabric Wrapped Globe Tutorial from DIY Ready

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      High Quality Batiks in Vibrant Colors at Batik

      When I received the batik fabric from the distributor for, I almost laid down on it.  The colors are SO VERY vibrant and they are the real deal.  As there have been many knock-offs of batiks, true batiks are almost the same on the front and back – and these are true batiks.  Just look at the colors!


      Tonal Batiks at


      Mufti-colored batiks at

      What are you waiting for?  No fabric stash can be complete without some of these amazing batiks!


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        Mommie Dearest: No Wire Hangers, Ever!

        I am pretty sure a former friend and I watched “Mommie Dearest” at least a half-dozen times when it came out in 1981.  And the wire hangars was the one thing that stuck with me all these years later.  We do have a few wire hangars in our house but for the most part, we use plastic hangars in our house.

        Know what else I hate?  Jeffrey Dah*mer 57-gallon drums.  We have two of them at our house and my husband is fully aware that I cannot stand the site of them.  One is currently used to collect rain water and the other is used to keep the chicken feed dry under our deck.  As Lady Macbeth said in Macbeth…”Out, damn’d spot! out, I say!”  UGH – they just need to GO AWAY!!!


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          Flashback Tuesday: Chocolate Cake and Roses 2013 Six-Month BOM Quilt Exclusively Designed by

          It hasn’t been but a year since this quilt was published at but it is truly a stunning lap quilt and is worth repeating.  It goes together very quickly, even though there are nine different blocks – each block is designed based on the center block – known as the Chocolate Cake block.  And what’s more romantic than chocolate and roses?


          Chocolate Cake and Roses 2013 Six-Month BOM Quilt Exclusively Designed by

          I gifted this to a very special couple as they needed just a bit more chocolate and roses (and romance) in their lives.  I think many of us could use a quilt to remind us that romance needs to be an integral part of our lives – with whomever you choose as your partner!

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