Quilted Wine Glass Coasters

Ever since I saw this coaster pattern during the “Cotton Spice Last Minute Gift Countdown,” I’ve been wanting to make them.  My husband loves wine, and although we’re not much for having company and folks milling around our home with wine glasses in-hand, I thought the concept a novel idea!  Of course, I couldn’t just follow Gudrun’s instructions, I had to put a little Texas twist on them and make them to match the table runner that you see on my header right now, as it was for a gift basket our Girl Scout Service Unit was putting together for a fundraiser.  But, in the end, I was VERY pleased with the results, and hopefully our little gift basket will be auctioned off for big bucks, half of which will go to our service unit!

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    Webcam Fun

    I had to get a new laptop, I go through them pretty quickly.  I can make any computer last about 2 years, and then it’s time for a new one.  My old one actually lasted 2 years and 1 month — but, now, it’s being replaced and I’m frantically trying to get all of my old files and info moved over.

    One of the things my new computer has is a webcam, and the kids *had* to try it out last night.  Oh joy 🙂

    This video was taken in the dark, with little light – but, you can see my rugrats (errrr, angels) nonetheless.  Be sure to watch for the salsa-dancing boy in the background:

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      NEVER Underestimate the Power of Prayer

      Wanted to share this fabulous update with everyone about our friend Ms. P that we received from her husband (name omitted for privacy reasons) – I wrote about Ms. P here and here:

      Hello Everyone,  I just wanted to let you know that our Surgeon/Oncologist has informed Ms. P. and I that the cancerous tumor that was removed from her mouth a couple of weeks ago has not spread cancer to the rest of her body. She will go once a month for a year to take blood test that will tell us if she is truly in the clear. The oncologist tells us that Radiation and Chemo are not necessary at this time.

      Ms. P. originally had another section removed from under her tongue about a year ago. The tumor was not cancerous at that time. This last time around, the tumor was cancerous, but self contained. Hopefully, this will be the last time. Ms.P and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers for her. We praise the Lord every day for her health and peace of mind.

      Thanks and have a great day.  Yours in Christ

      And, I too, thank you.  Praise God for healing and strength, as Ms. P continues on this journey of her life.

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