“Autumn Colors” Quilt

We’ve decided that this beautiful charity quilt that our local quilt group made will be the free pattern offered to all Quilt Dash members who complete the “Autumn Colors” Quilt Dash.  It’s just too beautiful to leave as a charity quilt and let the pattern go by the wayside!  So, if you are a Quilt Dash member, this is the pattern you’ll be receiving when we announce the “Autumn Colors” winners on November 16th!

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    Medina Quilter’s Chairty Quilt #1

    Our little quilt group has completed our first charity quilt, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results!

    This is one of our pizza box quilts, that we started in February 2008 and it’s made with the Moda “Summer Basket of Flowers” fabrics that were generously donated by Abbi May’s Fabric Shop.  I made the center row of four blocks and pieced them together, then another quilter took the pizza box and made the next row of blocks and put them together … and we passed the box around until the quilt was completed.

    At the last quilt meeting in Septemer, I respectfully requested that I be allowed to finish this quilt, and to have the UMC church and their UMW group, that sponsors our Cub Scout pack, sell raffle tickets to raffle off the quilt…with the proceeds going to the Scout pack.  It was a unanimous vote by the gracious quilt ladies, and I took the bull by the horns (yeah, we do that in Texas) and sent it off for long-arm quilting as quickly as I could. 

    I received the quilt in the mail this week, quilted to perfection by MaryKates-QuiltsnThings – with a new pattern that I just love!  And the UMW ladies met this week and approved of the quilt as well as selling the raffle tickets to help the CS pack.  What joy it is to find such generosity amongst friends!

    So, I’ll bind the quilt this weekend and show it off to both the Cub Scout pack on Monday, as well as to our quilting ladies — and then I’ll turn the quilt over to the UMW so they can get busy selling the raffle tickets!

    Ooooh, I just love quilting — and quilting for charity that benefits a fine group of local boys in Cub Scouts is even better!

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      The Chicken Whisperer

      We’re farmers.  We have stock.  And my family has taken to calling me the chicken whisperer.  Funny that they didn’t believe that I grew up on a farm in Iowa.  My dad owned a sale barn, a livestock auction.  Of course we had chickens … and a huge, beastly turkey, and ducks with peg-feet (frozen off in winter puddles).  In one of my foster homes, we also raised chicks and then butchered them for the freezer.  Yeah, I was around chickens a lot in my youth.  And my kids didn’t believe me!

      But, they do, now!

      Yup, we’re chicken farmers. 

      The girls – who have been named Ying & Yang (though I have no clue which is which)

      The King of his Coop – Ryann – and he let’s us know he’s in charge, too!

      The Fruits of the Girls’ labor – lovely, brown eggs.

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        Tammy’s Song

        My husband is SUCH a romantic Texican!  He was selling popcorn in town with the manly-man for their Cub Scout pack, and along came a smoothe-talkin’ guitar picker & musician … ready, willing and able to whip up a song for JD’s wife. 

        Can you stand the romance? 

        What til’ you hear the song, though.  It’s surely a Hill Country Lament!

        This is a LARGE file, so please be patient while it loads.  It’s a .wmv file, so it should automatically open with your Windows Media Player:

        Tammy’s Song

        btw:  you’ll see the manly-man about halfway through, giving everyone the PEACE!

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          Another Reason why I Love Small Town, America!

          Today is picture day for the girls at school.  They were flitting and fluttering around the house last night, getting their clothes organized and trying to decide what jewelry to wear, how to fix their hair, etc. etc.  It was girlie-central, for sure!  Thank goodness the boys were gone to a Cub Scout meeting.

          Last night, I asked JD to call the school in the morning, to see if our homeschooled son could get his photos taken, too.  The school that the big girls attended in Utah let us bring the two little ones over on picture day, so I could have photos that were all the same background for all four kids.  It’s nice to be able to have the same photograph formats for all four kids – especially at holiday card time!

          So, by the time the dad-person woke me up this morning, he and the son-man were already dressed up and ready to head to the school – they were happy to accomodate us and got the manly-man in for pictures immediately! 

          He is normally very photogenic:


          Though, the dad-person tells me that his smile in this year’s photos will look more like this:


          Not a problem!  I’ll have much more fun with the photos when the kids get older.  Is always good to have something to blackmail them with when…say, their first date comes to the house!

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