Prairie Flower Cakes Flower 3

The “Prairie Flower Cakes” BOM quilt pattern is something I whipped up one night when I really wanted to design something for the Prairie Paisley fabrics from Moda.  I had the layer cakes sitting in front of me, calling my name.

And this is a unique BOM quilt in that all of the applique flowers are posted and ready for downloading – no waiting month-to-month to get the next set of instructions, no bugging me if the instructions aren’t posted on time, etc.  It can be a more leisurely pace or a faster pace, whatever the quilter desires!  And, I’m making mine a quilt-as-you-go quilt, so all I’ll have to do, once all of the blocks are completed, is to sew them together, close up the seams on the back and bind it!

Thus far, I’ve taken the leisurely pace, but have completed three sets of blocks with raw-edge applique flowers:


“Prairie Flower Cakes” Flower 1


“Prairie Flower Cakes” Flower 2


“Prairie Flower Cakes” Flower 3


“Praire Flower Cakes” First Row
Approximately 57″ width x 19″ height

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    Strippin’ with the Stars – Block 9

    I’m all about on time this month {cough, choke}.  Whatever.  I got the “Strippin’ with the Stars” 2008 BOM quilt blocks completed this past weekend – they sure are purdy!


    Strippin’ with the Stars” September Block with “Katmandu” fabrics


    Strippin’ with the Stars” September Block with “At Water’s Edge” fabrics

    And in case you’re following along and making the BOM quilt, here’s photos of where we are with regards to compled blocks (and what’s left):




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      Anyone Going to Market in Houston?

      Just wondering if anyone else was planning to go to market (not the quilt show), and wanted to meet?!  I’m pretty sure hurricane Ike won’t stop the show – so, if you have plans to go and want to meet up (I’ll only be there on Saturday), leave me a comment and we’ll see if we can get together!

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