Quilt Shop Success

I took the day off from computer work yesterday, to take my quilting show on the road – I went to the Seventh Heaven Quilt Shop in San Anotonio!


When I laid out my Quilted Charger plate covers, I included a plate of home-made brownies.  Really?  I think THAT was the reason they bought so many patterns!

I was very happy to meet Dixie (the owner), Ruby and Jacque — I’ve been conversing with the two latter women via email since the day they found my website over a year ago, I think!  One of them even brought in a quilt that she made, which was my first BOM project on BOMquilts.com – it was gorgeous!  I was so happy to see that these ladies not only knew their quilting business, but they also DO quilting. 

But, I had a big boo-boo by inviting another lady who lives near SA to come visit with us, too – but, I had changed the time that I was going to be there, so I left before Bonnie showed up.  I feel bad.  And I told her my guilt would continue until I finally figured out how to get over there to see her.  I’m sure we’ll meet up, just don’t know when it’ll be!  She was gracious and forgiving — and that’s yet another reason why I love working with quilters!

After my quilt shop fun, I drove north out of SA and went to San Marcos – we lived there when daughter #1 was born, and my gynecologist was giving me fits about getting in for my yearly exam.  I was tired of her bugging me 🙂 , so I went and did the deed.  Now, I just need to call the hospital here and get a mammogram scheduled.  Oh joy.

I also made a stop at Sam’s for some much-needed Pop-Tarts and paper goods, then stopped off at Wally World for some tubes for the kids — and when I finally made it home (200+ miles later) we took the 2 little ones down to the river to play in the water with their new tubes.  Great fun – and an excellent way to get them exhausted enough to go right to sleep!

I’ll be playing catch-up today – and then will have to make some more Quilted Charger plate covers over the weekend, as I left all of mine in San Antonio so the shop would have them to show off to their customers.  It must have worked, because we’d sold one pattern before I’d even completed their order form!

We pick up the 2 big girls from their camping week today – I’m excited to hear about how much fun they had, for sure.  But, the rest of the weekend?  Let’s hope it’s WAY more quiet than last weekend was!

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    Totally Texas (again – yes, we’re ate up with it)

    The other night, I was doing a little market research and was visiting with some ladies in a chat room. 

    None of the ladies were located in Texas, and most were either on the left or right coast of the US.

    When they found out I lived in Texas, do you know what they said to me?  Their first question was whether or not I had HORNS adorning the hood of my auto.

    ummmm, wow, what a way to stereotype a Texan!

    So, to honor their ignorance, I put together a photo with my latest “Take me to Texas” quilt design … and a local longhorn.

    …and then I caught heck from an Aggie, who was none-too-pleased that I chose a Bevo look-alike for my photo.  Let’s be clear — this is a LONGHORN, and that has NOTHING to do with SPORTS of any kind! 

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      Quilt Weaving ala Tammy

      A few months ago, when our little quilt group was setting our schedule of monthly meetings for the year, they asked me to lead a class.  They wanted something new.  They wanted something diffferent.  They wanted a “quilt as you go” type project. 

      I opened my big mouth and said, sure, let’s do quilt weaving.

      Then last week, the woman in charge of the newsletter emailed me to remind me that my turn was coming up.


      I not only had no clue what I was going to do – I didn’t have a clue where to begin!  I’d never heard of anyone doing quilt weaving – and I didn’t have the luxury of time to do any research to figure it out.

      But, I gave it the ole’ college try, and determined that quilt weaving is not just plausible, it’s pretty fun, too!



      Click Here for the Quilt Weaving Pattern that I Put Together in PDF

      I even had one sweet lady, who’s only been to one other (that I remember) of our meetings, come up to me afterwards and hug me and say that I was the most talented and creative person she’d ever met.  How wonderful to hear such compliments!

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        Father’s Day Fit for a King – aka Day Camp Ends for Two and Begins for Two Others

        I wasn’t sure how all of our weekend plans were going to come together, but in the end, it was all lovely and successful and we were all happy to enjoy an evening of relaxation last night.

        Friday came the end of the dad-person’s Boy Scout Day Camp work (he taught archery) and the son and nephew’s final program showed off a group of hot, sun-burned, sweaty and tired little boys.  I’d say the day camp staff did their job!


        On Saturday, youngest daughter completed her two-week day camp with two performances of a play, and it was absolutely adorable – especially for the age-range and wide variety of children that were involved in the production.


        Sunday brought Father’s Day – lunch with the family and MIL and a few gifts for the dad-person.  I put together a book for him at Shutterfly, chronicling our travels through the Pacific northwest in the summer of 2006.  Pretty proud of myownbadself, as it’s a great history of our “freedom” summer!  Look close at the shirt he chose to wear on his special day:


        After finishing with the Father festivities, we had to get the next phase of “Operation Kid Camp” underway, as both of our older daughters were heading off to week-long church camps.  We dumped DD#2 on her head first, since her camp is only about 20 miles from our house.  She was excited, anxious and a touch nervous, as this was her first overnight camp (she’ll be there until Friday):


        And then we loaded back up and drove for an hour, to drop DD#1 off at her camp.  I’d show you a photo of her, but she was in the “kiss me, I love you, now please leave” mode.  As we were leaving, we all gave her hugs and moochies and when I asked the son-man to hug his sister goodbye, he turned and started walking away, saying “good riddance!”  I’m thinking he’ll enjoy a quiet week without the big sister giving him orders!  So, instead of her photo, I share with you one of the other residents of the camp:


        Well, comeon – this IS Texas, afterall!

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          Catchin’ up With my Strippin’

          I got a little behind with my “Strippin’ with the Stars” 2008 BOM quilt blocks {blush}, but am all caught up, now!

          Strippin’ With the Stars Block 5 with Katmandu Fabric
          Pattern instructions here

          Strippin’ With the Stars Block 6 with Katmandu Fabric
          Pattern instructions here

          Strippin’ With the Stars Block 6 with At Water’s Edge Fabric
          Pattern instructions here

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