Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Quilt Programming …

I did fairly well for a couple of months, completing at least one quilt a weekend.  But, ummm, with the kids’ spring break and Easter falling in the same week, I’ve fallen off of my quilting wagon … and desperately want to get back on!

Next week, you should be able to order my new pattern, “Swell Squared” !  The pattern is all written and just waiting for me to print it.


And here’s a bit of a tease … for my next design project….coming soon!


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    An Egg Hunting We Will Go…at Church

    I’m still thinking about Easter, can you tell?  It’s such a monumental holiday, for Christians, that I never seem to want it to end.  Oh sure, we have three full baskets of bunnies and chocolate in the house….it’ll take us a while to get through that.  And the kids will continue to wear their Easter finery, regardless of the original purchase intention.  But, it’s God’s grace that keeps the holiday in my memory for some time – that he loved humankind so much.  I never knew it was possible to love that much … until I married and had children.

    Then I think about the commercialization of the Easter holiday – the bunny and the eggs and all that.  In order for churches to keep their message alive, they have to either combine the non-religious aspects of Easter with the religious aspects … or they risk losing the masses to the fun and games, instead of the death and resurrection.  I, for one, am pleased that we are able to combine both … because it’s not the adults who are in jeapordy of losing their faith through commercialization … it’s the children we risk losing.

    Here’s a photo of last year’s egg hunt at my MIL’s church:

    And here’s a photo from this year’s egg hunt, at my MIL’s home: 


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      Learning Something New

      At our quilt group meeting last month, one of the members chose some star block patterns as our BOM for the month.  As I understand it, the blocks came from the Stars by Magic book by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

      I’m always willing to learn something new that has to do with quilting!

      These were fun and so very simple to make.  Everything is designed based on sewing squares, and not Y seams, and piecing them in the speedy half-square triangle way .  There was a bit of waste with the fabric, which I would figure out how to change if it were my technique, but it was super-easy for me – and my MIL found them simple to make, too, and she’s a very beginning quilter (although she’s sewed clothes for many years, she’s not up on all of the new-fangled quilt techniques that we use these days). 



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        Quilt Inspiration

        We traveled to SA this week to give the kids a chance to have a bit more-than-the-daily-grind fun in the big city, but also so I could do a little shopping and search for further inspiration for quilt designs this year.

        I think we were successful, on all accounts!

        Below is a tiny sampling of some items that I purchased – watch for them in the near future, as I think you’ll like what you’ll see for my quilt kits and patterns!



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