Flashback Tuesday: Santorini Stars

This was one of my favorite block of the month (BOM) quilts to make for BOMquilts.com in 2010 – Santorini Stars:

This was a raw edge applique using pinking shears and a pinking blade on a rotary cutter.  Really fun to make and the special young lady I gifted it to absolutely loved it!

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    Revisiting BOMquilts.com Free Quilt Patterns

    I started my website, BOMquilts.com, because I fell in love with block of the month quilts.  I recall that when I designed my first BOM, the shop that sold the fabric kit ran out more than once – even making a call to Moda’s warehouse in Dallas and making the staff go searching for more fabric in the original fabric line!  The pattern is written for beginners, though certainly not excluding a more advanced quilter who wants to make a quick 12-block quilt.  ALL of my BOM and other quilt patterns remain free and on the BOMquilts.com website.  Sometimes, revisiting a pattern will spark additional creativity for quilters – or it will be a challenge to some who want to make a BOM quilt.  Personally, I know I have made one, if not two, of every quilt pattern I’ve designed.  So, take some time to revisit the oldies but goodies at BOMquilts.com, and if you want someone to put a kit together for you for any of my free quilt designs, give a shout out to Linda at AbbiMays.com and she will definitely assist you!

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      Another Version of my Santorini Stars 2010 BOM Quilt design at BOMquilts.com

      A few weeks ago, I went to quilt group with our oldest daughter so she could give a thank you speech to the lovely ladies who gifted her with funds so she could attend a summer camp session at the Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the top art colleges in the nation. 

      I haven’t been attending quilt group much this year, because the noise and chaos really messes with my MS symtpoms – so, this was a (dizzy) treat for me.

      I was pleasantly surprised to see yet another version of my “Santorini Stars 2010 BOM Quilt” pattern than our quilt group used as a block of the month pattern last year during show-and-tell:

      I love seeing my designs through the eyes of others!  Thanks Edie!

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        Binding for the Weekend

        I have received my “Georgia Sunshine” BOM quilt back from my lovely friend and longarm quilter, Meloney – and will spend the weekend putting the binding on it.  It is destined for a special young lady, who is getting married next weekend.  My husband calls her his “first” girl, since he was living with her parents (they were all in college) when she was born – he was the first baby butt he diapered!

        Hope you get some quilt therapy in this weekend, too!

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