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TBT: Everything’s Coming Up Roses BOM Quilt from Block Central

This was the first I’d heard of a block of the month (BOM) quilt, and I embraced it with everything I had.  I never realized how fun making a single quilt block a month was, and then to have all of the blocks finished and just needing to be put them together after 12 months – I was hooked.

So hooked that I made this BOM quilt for myself:


And another one for a dear friend:


I designed my first BOM quilt in 2006.  That also shows how hooked I was on this process!  If you are looking for one or six BOM quilt projects, check out my designs at!

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    No Words, Just Phenomenal Quilting!

    I recently received my 2015 block of the month quilt back from my longarmer, Meloney.  I had to pick my jaw up from the floor more than once as the quilting detail just blew me away!  I am still in the ‘stroking’ stage, not quite ready to bind the quilt.  I just want to admire her work.  Again, there are no words…





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      Flashback Tuesday: Big Block Log Cabin Quilt from & Quilt Therapy

      I *love* making log cabin quilt blocks and quilts.  No matter how ‘advanced’ my quilting capabilities are, I never outgrow my love of creating a log cabin quilt.  I even made my wedding quilt a log cabin quilt!

      These blocks are so versatile that they can encompass any type of quilt genre – from the very traditional to the modern, and everything in-between.  It’s a quilter’s delight!

      Big Block Log Cabin Quilt from & Quilt Therapy

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        Flashback Tuesday: Fairy Tale Garden Row of the Month Quilt from

        I designed and made this quilt while we were on our three-month camping adventure in the summer of 2006.  I sent my husband, mother-in-law and kids over to Lake Tahoe so that I could get this quilt made without interruptions or distractions (both of which are guaranteed when you have a husband, MIL and four kids living in such close quarters).

        Here’s one of the blocks from this precious quilt:

        Fairy Tale Garden Row of the Month Quilt from

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          Flashback Tuesday: The Red Rooster from

          There is never a better time than to look back at original quilt designs on than right now.  SO many beautiful quilts and quilt projects made over the years – this one is a favorite wall hanging of mine!

          “The Red Rooster” an Exclusive Design from

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