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Flashback Tuesday: Golden Royal Layers designed by

Since we have been celebrating “Christmas in July 2014″ at, I thought it appropriate to flashback on another holiday quilt gem from our “Christmas in July 2008″ selections – “Golden Royal Layers“:


This finished out to be an absolutely gorgeous quilt…I just wish I remember who I gifted it to!  LOL

Try making it with your favorite holiday fabrics that are on the market now, but be sure you find a fabric that has the fabric panels as that’s one of the things that really makes this quilt stand out!

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    Flashback Tuesday: TT Mistletoe In The Corner

    Ah, I remember designing and making of this quilt so well!  In the summer of 2006, our family took a three-month adventure throughout the Pacific northwest.  My husband had to speak at professional meetings in Portland and Sacramento so we decided to just make a summer adventure out of it.  We were already homeschooling our kids and decided what better of an education could they get than a hands-on one?!   We had a 35′ camper, loaded up our Suburban and away we went!  I might add that we had four children, ages 5 to 10, one small dog and one large dog who came along on our adventures.

    We followed the Lewis & Clark Trail all the way to Ft. Clatsop (this is a rough drawing of our travels):


    We had four bunk beds in the back of the camper for the kids and my husband and I had a queen-sized bed in the front of the camper.  The bottom half of our bed lifted up to reveal a marvelous storage compartment for…you guessed it – my sewing machine, tools of the trade and fabrics!  So, I put this quilt together in the small confines of our camper after everyone had gone off to bed.  It was fun to make but even more of a challenge within the confines of our humble traveling abode.

    Now, if I can do it from a camper…surely YOU can do it anywhere, too!

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      Flashback Tuesday: Pendleton Inspired 2013 Block of the Month Quilt

      This was just last year’s’s block of the month quilt, but it is absolutely gorgeous using wonderful batiks!

      Pendleton Inspired 2013 Block of the Month Quilt, Original Project designed by TK Harrison from

      Print this pattern.  Save this pattern.  It’s definitely one you need to put together as the colors are smashing!

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        He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2014 Block of the Month Quilt, Original Project designed by TK Harrison from

        I definitely have the advantage of completing a block of the month quilt, since I have designed them.  Sometimes, I follow along with making the blocks each month…just as my viewers do.  But some of the time, I am way ahead of the curve and finish one of my BOM’s ahead of time…as I did for this year’s 2014 “He Loves Me, He Loves me Not” BOM.

        This quilt was sponsored by and Aurifil threads.


        He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2014 Block of the Month Quilt, Original Project designed by TK Harrison from

        Part of my reasoning for finishing this quilt ahead of time was because the fabrics just drew me in – they were SO much fun to work with!  The other part of my reasoning for finishing this quilt is that I am donating it to our school’s one-act play (OAP) program.  Both my older daughter and our middle daughter have been involved in this great program and it deserves more recognition.  But, also, because of school budget cuts, the OAP company has had to forgo some very important festivals or workshops because there just wasn’t enough funding for it.  (And don’t even get me started on how the funding for the sport’s programs are no problem but funding for one of the few fine arts offered at the school is not.)

        Anyway, praying the OAP company will be allowed to raffle this quilt off early in the 2014-2015 school year so they can participate in the vital festivals and workshops that provide much needed critiques to help make their OAP performances perfected before they reach the competition phase of their program.  And I am happy to be able to help in whatever way I can!

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          Flashback Tuesday: 2006-2007 BOM Sampler Quilt

          I made this block of the month sampler with some gorgeous fabrics and colors.  And what was the most amazing about it was that we spent the summer of 2006 traveling the Pacific northwest in our camper, following the Lewis & Clark trail along the way…but my husband also had speaking engagements in Portland and then Sacramento.  So, we loaded up our four kids and two dogs and hit the road!  We’d stay in a campsite for three or more days, enjoying everything around us…and then move on down the road to the next campground to do the same.  One of the places we stopped had an aquarium that we took our kids to.  I took this photo below, thinking of how beautiful the colors were…and then I realized I was working with those exact same colors in this 2006-2007 BOM quilt!

          2006-2007 BOM Sampler Quilt – Chelsea Lane Sampler

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