Star Power: Army Star Quilt Block & Army Star Variation Quilt Block — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Carol! Sew this together as you would a Nine-Patch quilt block. Sew the center “star” portion together first. Then sew the remaining EIGHT (8) portions’ together. Sew the THREE (3) rows together & finally sew the rows into the quilt block pictured. If you need further assistance, please use my contact form & I’ll be better able to help you out!

  2. Hi Joyce! There are four colors in the “Army Star Quilt Block” & the “Army Star Variation Quilt Block.” I don’t know you how much fabric you’d need if you only use three fabric colors. But if you use four fabric colors you’ll need the following amounts of fabric: 1. Red = 1 yd. 2) Blue = 2 1/4 yd. 3) Navy Blue = 3/4 yd. 4) White = 3 5/8 yd. These fabric measurements would be for a 60″ x 72″ quilt.

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