Bouncing Bundles of Joy: New Baby Quilt Patterns Designed by TK Harrison

There is something to be said for having a stand-by baby quilt pattern (or 13) with quick and easy go-to baby quilts when you need them.  I have designed just that!  A Quilter’s Dozen (13) original and quick baby quilt patterns in beautful bundles of joy!

Whether you want to create a baby quilt with triangles or without, all patterns are extremely beginner-friendly and can be instantly downloaded!  Buy one bundle or two or just go all in and buy the entire set for a very special bundle of joy in your world!





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    Tutorial Tuesday: Star Light, Star Bright Table Topper

    This tutorial is sponsored by Warm & Natural Batting® From The Warm Company™


    This is a photographic tutorial.  A link to download this pattern in PDF is available at the end of this tutorial.  You need to download it so that you have the fabric requirements and cutting requirements for this quilted project.


    Lay out complimentary fabric scraps and choose the appropriate number needed for this table topper.


    When you cut out your Star Points, be sure to draw a diagonal line, corner-to-corner, on the BACK of your fabric.


    Once you have your fabric choices, this photo above shows you the fabric cuts needed for this table topper (sans the 1″ Scrappy Bright Fabric as is noted in the PDF pattern).


    Begin by making flying geese to create your Star Points.  Sew ONE (1) Star Point to ONE (1) of the 4 1/4” x 7 3/8” strips ON the line you drew.


    Next, trim off the corner of the White and Star Point fabrics 1/4″ beyond the sewn line.


    Press the Star Points toward the Star Point fabric.


    Repeat the same process as shown above, with another Star Point fabric sewn diagonally on the White fabric strip.


    Again, cut the Star Point corner 1/4″ beyond the sewn line and press the Star Points toward the Star Point Fabric.


    Now, sew TWO (2) of the Star Point strips to the left and right side of your center fabric.


    Sew the 4 1/4″ White Cornerstones to the remaining TWO (2) Star Points and then pin them and sew them to the top and bottom of your Star.


    This is a photo of the finished center of this table topper.


    Next, time to add the White left and right borders to your center star.


    Then sew the top and bottom White borders to the center star.


    Create your scrappy final Border using the images above and the cutting requirements in the PDF pattern.


    Sew the left and right scrappy borders to the center star and White border.  Then pin and sew the top and bottom scrappy borders onto the center.


    This is a photo of the finished table topper top!


    Follow up with quilting the table topper as desired.


    Finally, sew the binding onto your table topper and whip-stitch or machine stitch the binding to the back (or front, depending on your binding process) of your quilt project.


    To download a PDF of this pattern, please visit this link:

    TK Harrison is a member of The Warm Company’s Designer Endorsement Program.

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      Quilt Designing in Bulk

      I decided a few months ago that I wanted to design a series of baby quilts – all for beginners but half of them would contain nothing but straight lines and the other half would have some simple half-square triangles or quarter-square triangles.  I started out with two I had already designed:

      Originally, I wanted to design and make five different quilts for each group…but, as I got into it, I realized I couldn’t stop with five and changed it to a six-pack of beginner-friendly baby quilts.

      IMG_9744 (450x299)

      IMG_9745 (450x285)

      Counting the two above, I have completed eight baby quilt tops towards my goal of a dozen, or two six-packs.  I’ve already designed all 12 baby quilt tops, just have to find the time to make them!

      If you are a quilt designer, do you design in bulk?  Or one at a time?

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        Catching up on Quilting

        I spent hours updating a number of my websites last night, and hope you’ll go check them out and enjoy what I offer!

        I hope you enjoy all that we offer – there’s more coming, so stay tuned!

        “Santorini Stars” Block #1 from the 2010 Block of the Month Quilt

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          Announcing the Launch of Quilt Designer News!

          There are hundreds of quilt designers who supply patterns online and at trade shows, as well as selling them wholesale – which you purchase at your local or online quilt shops – but, do you know much about the quilt designers?  Quilt Designer News is here to bring you fun and interesting quilt-factoids, sure to entice and entertain you, and show you the latest in what these fabulous quilt designers are thinking up!


          Please join us (and bookmark us!) at to read weekly FAQs about quilt designers everywhere!

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