Friday Funday: Free Quilts of Valor Quilt Patterns

“Patriotic” Free Quilt Pattern designed by Jean Ann Wright from Andover Fabrics

“Shooting Stars” from Quiltmaker

“Patriotic-Land of the Free” Free Quilt Pattern designed by Heidi Pridemore from Andover Fabrics


“Sew Scrappy” designed by Doug Leko from Quiltmaker

“Patriotic-On the Wings of Eagles” Free Quilt Pattern designed by Jean Ann Wright from Andover Fabrics

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    “American Quilter” May 2016 Issue

    I haven’t said this enough but I am truly honored to have my articles for some lesser-known charities in each American Quilter issue in 2016.  Overjoyed.  Blessed.  Humbled.  And not just my voice heard but the voices of all of those who represent the work that they do for others.

    In the May 2016 issue of American Quilter, I am the voice for our four legged critters.  Cats.  Dogs.  Pets.  They deserve love as they love us so unconditionally.  My reward?  A ton of wet slobbery moochies from our two family canines.  They deserve belly scratchies, for sure!



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      “MS Pillars of Strength” Quilt Block

      As part of my American Quilter “A Year of Giving” series of articles throughout AQ’s 2016 magazines, I have had the distinct pleasure of communicating with some wonderful quilters about the charities they represent.  I have also been humbled when those charities ask *me* for a contribution toward drawing in more quilters by designing quilt blocks for their volunteers.

      My March 2016 article focused on “Quilting for Multiple Sclerosis.”  While I have vowed that I will not speak of the struggles I (and my family) have faced personally from my MS, it still remains a subject that is near and dear to my heart.  And definitely worthy of my time to pursue as a charity.

      For my “Quilt Blocks for MS” (a Facebook Group) contribution, I designed a quilt block using my own Sew n’Slash™ quilt method to make my “MS Pillars of Strength” quilt blocks.  Orange is the predominant color because that is the color associated with MS.  But purple and green are also colors we associate with MS so those were the three main colors I stuck with for my quilt blocks.

      You can download my free pattern for this quilt block by clicking on either one of the photographs above.

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        What a Feeling to Pay it Forward from a Simple Goal!

        I really do not like to call attention to myself for sharing the talents and gifts I have been gifted with and then paying it forward with donations.  I believe we are to give without calling attention to ourselves.  But a goal was reached this year, despite everything, and I am extremely happy that I was able to do what I set out to do.  My goal was to make a quilt top a month for our church’s Lutheran World Relief quilt efforts.  I didn’t do it alone.  Far from it.  My secret special person, who has sent me $20 a month since I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease four years ago, played a part in this goal.  I used most of those funds from 2014 to purchase fabric with.  My foster mother played a part in this goal.  She visited our house in November and she pieced three of the quilt tops for me.  My family played a part in this goal.  They allowed me the time to cut and sew these quilt tops together.  And with every single quilt top I pieced, I prayed for whomever and whatever was on my mind – it is always my special time to reach out to God with each stitch I made.

        A goal was reached.  By me.  In the four years since my diagnosis, I have not been able to make a goal and fulfill it.  Too many distractions, too many doctor’s appointments, too many extracurricular activities, too many painful days – all of that adds up to not enough time, energy or gumption for me to deal with any goals I may have had.


        One goal down, hopefully many more to follow.

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          Sharing Some Quilted Love

          I was searching for some fabric one day and came upon a number of blocks I had sewn but never put them together into a quilt.  I knew I wouldn’t be doing it, either.  So, I donated them to the quilt ladies at our church.  I was tickled the receive photos of the quilts that were put together with my cast-offs:




          Glad to see my blocks and projects used to make beautiful charity quilts for others to enjoy!

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