Fiesta! Table Topper Free Pattern

Brighten up any table with this “Fiesta!” table topper!  This table topper is made even more special by the battings that are used – Insul-Bright™ and Warm & Plush™ by The Warm Company and . It’s meant to keep warm food warm and cold food cold.

Fiesta! Table Topper Free Instructions at!

Fiesta! Table Topper
Finished Size is 24 1/2″ Square

This is a super-easy, beginner-friendly and super-quick table topper that is meant to bring out the BOLD colors in your fabrics.  If you want to make a splash, make it with quilted love!  Free pattern available for immediate download at!

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    “Fiesta!” Table Top Quilt Pattern designed by TK Harrison

    “Fiesta!” is an original design that will be included in the July 2016 issue of The Quilt Pattern MagazineThis bold and bright table topper measures 24 1/2″ square and is sure to brighten up any summer table!  This project is made even more special by using Insul-Bright® batting, to keep any serving dish of food that is put on it hot and/or cold.

    And no triangles means it is absolutely perfect for a beginning quilter as well as any more advanced quilter!.  A quilter can make this quilt in the matter of a few hours, just in case you need something quick for a hostess gift or for a fun table top decoration at the last minute.

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      Tutorial Tuesday: Mobile Design Wall

      My studio is full.  To the brim.  There’s no more room at the inn.  The walls were all perfectly planned and executed with waist-level electrical outlets every three feet, pegboard in three different locations and furniture that takes up the bulk of any leftover wall space available.

      What I didn’t plan for was a design wall.  Once everything was set up in my studio, I lacked any wall space that could be used for a design wall.  Unless I wanted it to be two feet off the floor.

      What a dilemma, right?  A beautiful quilt studio that was a dream I never even considered before it was gifted to me…and no design wall.

      I determined I needed a mobile design wall.  One I could pull out when I needed it and put it back when I didn’t.  It was okay to cover up an outlet or two behind my longarm and if they were needed, the mobile design wall could be turned on its side for storage.

      After hours and hours of research, I found a number of workable mobile design walls online.  None of them were perfect for my needs but many of them had elements that were great.  I put all the good stuff down on an instruction sheet and my husband and I set out to right a wrong, fix an overlooked but crucial element in my studio.

      Supplies Needed:

      • One (1) 4′ x 8′ sheet of foam board insulation with one side of the sheet having a silver reflective foil moisture barrier.013
      • Clear strapping tape
      • Large Binder Clips.  These clips serve two purposes.  They help hold the batting to your design board but you can also use them to clip up blocks or parts of blocks as you work on a quilt project.


      • Warm & White® twin-size quilt batting


      Tools Needed:

      • Saw, carpet cutter or sharp knife
      • Yardstick
      • Scissors
      • Iron (optional)


      1. Begin by cutting 2′ off of one end of the foam board insulation.  Since I am 5′  9″ tall, I don’t need a design board that is longer than my reach.  Plus, is much easier to store a shorter-versus-longer design board.
      2. If your Warm & White® batting is wrinkled or has fold lines, gently press the batting with a cotton setting on your iron.  DO NOT iron it, PRESS it.  If you iron it, you will stretch it out.
      3. Measure and draw or lightly score a line 2″ from the bottom of one end of the foam board insulation.  The batting does not need to touch the floor when you move it about.  You will probably not use a lot of the lower space of the design board but if you need to turn it sideways, those 2″ should not matter.  This step is to keep the batting from getting dirty if the floor of your studio or sewing room is full of threads and dust bunnies <eek!>.  Once the batting is in place, use the clear strapping tape to hold it in place, all across the bottom of your board.
      4. We chose to put the reflective foil moisture barrier side toward the front of the design wall.  This way, if I needed to use pins to hold up some of my designs, in the future, they would have a little bit more security than using the insulation the other way around.015
      5. Lay your batting flat on the (clean) floor and lay the foam board insulation on top of it.  Then, cut your batting to size.  I cut my batting about 5″ wider than the left, right and top of the insulation.
      6. Now turn the design board and batting around so the board is on the floor and the batting is covering it.  Using a gentle touch, smooth out any wrinkles that may show up.  Also use a gentle hand to make sure your board is covered up by the batting.
      7. Next, add the large binder clips to the sides and top of the design board.  We used a yardstick to place the clips about every 9″ from the middle of one clip to the next.019
      8. Now turn everything back around – batting on the floor and board on top of it.  With scissors, trim the batting so it overlaps the edges of the board by at least 5″ on the left, right and top of the board.  Your binder clips should be holding everything together.020
      9. Back to the strapping tape.  Use about 6″ of tape segments to secure the batting to the board on the back of your insulation.023
      10. Now it’s time to enjoy your new mobile design board!



      This tutorial was sponsored by The Warm Company™, makers of Warm & White® Batting


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        Table Scraps Buffet Runner with Hot Pads Free Pattern


        Just in time for your Thanksgiving feast!  Us this long buffet runner to brighten up and protect your buffet.  And, there are hidden gems – the triangle ends are pockets that hold potholders!  The buffet runner has Insul-Bright® and a layer of Warm & Plush® inside.  The hot pads have the same two layers but also an additional layer of Warm & Plush® to add additional protection for either hot or cold dishes to sit on.

        This free pattern can be found at or at The Warm Company’s Creative Corner of their website!

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