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  1. Tammom ! I think your quilt looks fantastic, and also like great fun to make ! Thank you so much for the Sew N’ Slash technique… I’m trying it today ! Julia

  2. Hi: Like your sew and slash method for this block. Instructions are pretty simple, the quilt is fun. Do have a question though.

    At what angle (degree) are the c/d units cut? Did I miss that in your tut?

    Thanx lots for the new method.

  3. Pauline: Thanks for your kind words. The goal of my Sew-N-Slash quilting is that the cuts (slashes) are yours and yours alone to make. Consistency is the key. If you look at the image of the C/D blocks in the tutorial, I did line up corner of the square with the seam line of the two fabrics. Then, I punted! I didn’t measure the angle, and it honestly doesn’t matter (except you don’t want a perfect half-square triangle). Cut the first one wherever you see fit – and then be consistant with the cutting of the others. I use a cutting ruler that is wide enough that I can measure the size of the block that I’m cutting, and then use the edge of the seam line to cut the next one, thus following the same angles. In the photo on this blog, of the quilt block itself, that is the actual block that I pieced – the second image is computer-generated, of course, but the first is truly my pieced block that I photographed after I put it together. It helps to show you that my slashes were very consistant, as this block is near-perfect in shape…and to get that, I was consistant with each square within the block.

    Hope that helps!


  4. May I have permission for our quilt guild to use some of your blocks for out Block of the Month?

    Cold Sassy Quilt Guild
    Commerce, Georgia

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