“Fall Splendor” — 6 Comments

  1. Hello: Can’t find Sept. 2019 quilt dash button. Looked at every block that looked to be printed in Autumn colors, and also at many Sept., Oct., & Nov. archives. Since I don’t own a computer I have to use a public one at the library, so my time to search is very7 limited. Please help! Thanks,

  2. Hi Lynda, Thank you for leaving me a comment! I’d rather help you out than leave you frustrated. All you need to do, is to type in the hint, in the search box on my site. If you do that, the post that you’re looking for will show up & the Quilt Dash image will be there too!

  3. Hi Charlene! In the upper right-hand corner of my blog, on top of the header image, you’ll see a magnifying glass. When you click on it, you’ll see that it opens up & that’s where the search box is located!

  4. Hi again,entered Color of Fall in search , went all the way to the end of page, found a link to join Quilt Dash but no Found button.HELP, PLEASE!

  5. Hi Lynda! I don’t think that you’re looking on the correct page. You should type in (or copy & paste) the text “Color of Fall” (no quotes) into the search box on my blog. And the first blog post that comes up, will have the image, that I’m pretty sure is the one that you’re looking for!

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