Flashback Tuesday: Prairie Flower Cakes designed by TK Harrison for BOMquilts.com

This is a quilt-as-you-go pattern and it was SO fun to put together!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Prairie Flower Cakes designed by TK Harrison for BOMquilts.com

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    Quilting Naked

    I’m cruising along, chain piecing quilt blocks with umpteen hundreds of quilt pieces. A song, that becomes a quilt cadence in my head, is on repeat and I am in the ‘quilt zone.’

    I’ve pressed the seams and am getting ready to add the next set of fabric to my blocks. I organize the already sewn pieces lying on one of my legs with the pieces to be sewn to the fabrics on my laying right leg.


    I continue with my blocks, adding the next sets of fabric to my original ones, pressing along the way, still in
    the ‘quilt zone.’ I am getting anxious, excited even, because I’m on my last piece of fabric for each quilt block. I put the unfinished blocks from one thigh and the final piece of fabric from my other thigh into the sewing machine, one
    piece after the other. I am now extremely focused and obsessed. I cannot possibly stop anywhere in this
    sewing process, until I finish sewing this last piece on my blocks and press the seams. I’m a force to be reckoned

    My anticipation is mounting. Three more to go…two more to go…final block sewn! I bask in my glory of putting
    all of the blocks together so quickly. No errors, no mismatched seams ‐ quilt piecing at its finest.

    I stand up, needing to stretch my hunched over shoulders and stressed back (because I’ve sewn with my
    shoulders hunched over) and trim apart the blocks so I can press them, all nice and pretty. Oh the pure joy I
    feel! I am super‐quilt‐woman!

    I sit back down and pick up the last block sewn so I can cut them apart. Where is all this thread coming from?
    I have a string of thread a mile long and wonder if my spare spool that sits beside my sewing spool on my
    sewing machine, that I use for my bobbin thread, has gotten tied up in my quilt blocks ‐ you know, because I
    am super‐quilt‐woman and sewed so fast it dislodged the end of the thread spool and got caught in my
    blocks somewhere.

    Instead of trying to find out where that extra thread came from, I figure that I’ll be careful when cutting my
    chain pieced blocks apart and find the end of that spool of thread along the way.

    I pull the first block toward me and am now completely dumbfounded. What happened? What in the heck
    happened??? I pull the next block toward me and the next block and the next block…and all of the blocks,
    from about the middle of the first block I sewed, were naked. I lost my magical super‐quilt‐woman powers.
    Right there. My emblem was ripped from my chest, my wrist pin holders and even my SOCKS were repossessed
    by the quilting powers that be. I hung my head in shame. I think I have a tear in my eye, too. My ‘quilt zone’ disappears. I have just sewn umpteen quilt blocks naked. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not naked (ewww)…but my stitching is! And you know that long thread I couldn’t figure out where it came from was? Yup. It was right where it was supposed to be ‐ attached to that first quilt block, in the exact spot where my sewing machine ran out of bobbin thread. Quilting naked, indeed. Pass me a tissue, please.

    © 2015 ~ Tammy Harrison ~ All Rights Reserved. Tammy Harrison is a wife, mother of four teenagers (gulp) and uses Quilt Therapy and humor to entertain herself. You can find Tammy online at www.TKHarrison.com.

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      Friday Funday: Folded Fabric Quilt Blocks with Tutorials

      “Origami Flower” – Textured Quilt Sampler by Teresa from Sewn Up by Teresa Down Under

      “Cathedral Window” Quilt Tutorial from Hyena in Petticoats

      “Origami Pinwheel” – Textured Quilt Sampler by Teresa from Sewn Up by Teresa Down Under

      “Fabric Origami” – Textured Quilt Sampler by Teresa from Sewn Up by Teresa Down Under

      A treasure trove of more stunning folded fabric blocks:

      “Textured Quilt Sampler Tutorial” by Teresa from Sewn Up by Teresa Down Under

      All photos and patterns are copyrighted by the individual designers and/or websites that display them.

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        February Quilt Therapy Giveaway WINNER!

        LoveQuilting.com donated this beautiful panel and fat quarter bundle to one lucky Quilt Therapy winner for our February giveaway!


        Lighthouse Fat Quarter Panel Set that includes one panel and five coordinating fat quarters from the Lighthouses collection by Elizabeth’s Studios

        Here is the random number generated image:


        Nancy at LoveQuilting.com, thank you for the great giveaway!

        And the 14th commenter was….Lori Morton!  Once I emailed Lori, this was her response:

        THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! SOOOO MUCH!!  Will make a great surprise for new granbaby due end of April!! They did his room in Nautical things! How
        fun this Win will be to use!

        Ohio Hugs!
        Lori  🙂

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          March Quilt Dash

          The March Quilt Dash is underway at Quilt Dash and it’s a DASH to the finish for our participating members – they love the free patterns they receive if they complete a Quilt Dash!

          The theme for March is “Dragonfly” and here is an image of the “Dragonfly Flight” quilt pattern you will receive if you are a member (is free to join and participate!):


          “Dragonfly Flight” designed by Phyllis Dobbs for the March 2015 Quilt Dash

          Come join in the fun at Quilt Dash!

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