Prayers Appreciated!

I take another break from quilting to ask for prayers for my husband’s family as they deal with the loss of my husband’s aunt.  May her soul burst with love as she enjoys her new heavenly home…and looks down upon all of us, an angel on our shoulders.


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    Quilting with an Unloved Color

    I posed this question on Facebook yesterday and got some very interesting responses.  Let’s see if I get any others that may help me in the future.

    What do you do when you are making a quilt out of colors specifically chosen by the gift recipient – but, the main color is one you absolutely cannot stand?

    I will admit that for me, the color I abhore is purple.  I am not sure why except that I cannot wear purple or lilac because of my skin tones – hence, I dislike working with nearly all shades of purple.  That seems to be the only issue I can think of in my memory that makes me dislike the color so much.

    ACK – bad, bad color!  But, I tried to make it a better experience by using part of the quilt in the header image of this blog this month – yet, I cringe when the blog comes up each time 🙁 .

    You can be sure I will NOT be wearing purple when I get older, as that one poem suggests.  NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

    I am on the final leg of the journey through this quilt of purples:

    IMG_9773 (450x292)

    The binding is all that is left, and I just could NOT help myself – I strayed from plain Jane purple and added some batiks that had purple in them for the borders.  Making a totally purple quilt is just not something I’m capable of doing, so I had a little fun with the binding 🙂 !

    What do YOU do when having to make a quilt with a color you dislike?

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      Studio Move Planning In Progress – Help Wanted!

      As I’ve mentioned before, my lovely foster mother gave me a quilt studio as a special gift.  Unfortunately, we did not get the studio completed while she was here – but, she made financial arrangements with a local big box store for the materials we will need to finish out the inside.  After she left us for her home (and colder climates), we were able to move her roll-away bed out of my current sewing room in our house and I got my sewing room back.

      And that was when I noticed what a MESS my fabric and scraps were in!

      IMG_9768 (450x296)

      These are my Jelly Roll scraps – or scraps of fabric from binding other quilts at (mostly) 2 1/2″  widths

      IMG_9769 (450x299)

      These are my fabric scraps – although there are a LOT of fat quarters mixed in.

      IMG_9770 (450x274)

      These are my very special fat quarter bundles specific to the Texas Hill Country fabrics, as well as batik Jelly Rolls and some charm square scraps thrown in.

      IMG_9771 (450x299)

      These are my current project fabrics, as well as a couple of quilts I need to send off.

      IMG_9772 (450x299)

      And finally, these are my finished quilt tops (either unquilted or quilted) as well as blocks for my “Pendleton Inspired” BOM from

      All I can do is shake my head at this MESS I’ve created.  And it certainly doesn’t stop with these photos.  Under my sewing table and under my cutting table are boxes that have quilt fabric and completed blocks in them.


      So, I ask for your help – what is the best way you have found to organize your stash and quilted projects?  Please comment, I truly need guidance so my new studio is organized when I move into it!

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        “Pendleton Inspired” Block #3 Instructions Revealed

        For those of you who are taking advantage of the FREE block of the month quilt, “Pendleton Inspired”, at, the third block of the quilt’s instructions has been revealed!  This beautiful quilt is sponsored by and Aurifil threads.

        Here is an image of the finished quilt:

        And here is an image of the completed Block #3:


        Quilt On!

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          Quilting Basics: Perfect Points

          I know that beginning quilters prefer NOT to work with triangles and any variation on that theme – especially half-square triangles and quarter-square triangles.  And it’s totally understandable!  Many times, the points on a half-square triangle don’t match up and that can frustrate even the most experienced quilter!

          I made a toddler quilt this past weekend and just HAD to take a picture of near-perfect half-square triangles that came together so beautifully:

          IMG_9754 (450x293)

          The key to matching up the points is to press the seams in the opposite direction and let your fingers do the talking, errr walking!  You can feel the seams come together if you choose to use this method.  Slide the seams back and forth and you should definitely be able to feel the seams matching up.

          Another way to make a near-perfect half-square triangle is to cut the fabric out one inch bigger than the unfinished block size.  Once you’ve made your half-square triangle blocks, trim the blocks so they are the correct size for an unfinished block.  Nearly all the time that you do this, the points will match because the blocks should be the exact size you need.  Even using this method, the tried-and-true quilt tip above will work to matching your perfect seams.

          And hey, if your points aren’t perfect – who cares?  Most of the time, I am the only one who cares, but once a quilt is gifted to the recipient – they do not notice the imperfections of a quilt (and neither do I), they notice the overall pattern and quilting and the love that went into making the quilt – and that is a quilter’s heart in every stitch on a gifted quilt.

          Do you have any tips for half-square triangles that will aid a beginning quilter so they can learn to perfect the art of points that line up?  If so, please share it in the comments!

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