8-Grid Chain Quilt

These chain blocks are super-simple to make, and when you put them all together into a quilt – they truly exemplify a chain quilt.  I chose two different 8-grid chain blocks for this quilt.

8-Grid Chain Block:

8-Grid Chain Variation Block:

8-Grid Chain Quilt:

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    Irish Chain

    I would be remiss in adding the Irish Chain block to this week’s chain quilts, as my paternal Grandfather was 100% Irish. I have seen this quilt made with a variety of fabric colors, but none are as striking to me as a two-toned quilt.  I love me some Irish Chain quilts!

    Irish Chain block:

    Irish Chain quilt on-point:

    Have a potato with a side of potatoes and enjoy quilting this beautifully understated Irish Chain quilt!

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      Chain Quilts

      It is no secret that I love traditional quilt blocks.  All of the old blocks, especially, just make me giddy with glee.  I especially like “chain” blocks – those that are one thing as a block and take on a whole new look once they are pieced together in a quilt top.  This week, I want to focus on some quilt ideas for those chain blocks.

      Here’s the first one I came up with:

      And here is a mock-up of a finished quilt top with this as the only block in it:

      SO many variations and interpretations when you look at the finished quilt.  THIS is the type of quilt I would love to leave as a quilted legacy to someone!

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        Oh Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave

        I am not sure why people say “Happy Memorial Day”, are you?  It is a national holiday to remember those who serve(d) and/or died for our country.  The sacrifices that a person makes to put their lives on hold to be in the service are huge.  I dislike hearing “Taps”, but I love it at the same time because it has a long-standing tradition – but the finality of it is deafening.  I have been to far too many funerals that were conducted with a 21-gun salute and that bugle reverently playing the song I will always remember as being the final leg of a life’s journey.

        My brother has the flag that was presented to my sister-in-law from my brother Mike’s funeral.  Our sister has the flag that was presented to our mom at our dad’s funeral.  Neither were killed in the line of duty, but they were remembered for their service to our nation when they passed away.  God be with all men and women who are currently serving in our military. 

        And God’s peace be with those whose last thread of a life is a flag folded in a wooden triangle frame.

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          Memorial Day Weekend – A Time to Remember

          Memorial Day is a time to remember all who have fallen in war times.  To honor the American Veteran’s who have died for our country.  It is a time to remember that peace is fleeting, that there are men and women who have fought and died for us.  This weekend of rememberance started in the south as people honored their Confederate heros, and it became a national holiday by the 20th century.

          I do not recall stories further back than my own parent’s immediate families for service to our country.  I know my dad was in the Navy in the late 1950s.

          I think most of both my parent’s brothers were in one branch of the service or another, though there are a few who did not serve our country in the same manner. 

          Although many folks use the Memorial Day Weekend to start their summer, we have not ever done that.  We, as a family of Scouts, choose to take the time to start our holiday weekend off by honoring those who have served our country by placing American flags at the graves of Veterans in our local cemetery:

          I can honestly say, this is one of the most special times of the year for our family.  My kids’ lives have been enriched because of this community service project.  They have enhanced their love of history through learning about the different branches of the service and what years (war or not) folks have served in and they have grown up knowing that just because it’s considered a holiday weekend by most – in our house it is a weekend of honoring those who have served our country and have passed away.

          This is my last year of being the Girl Scout leader in our community, but it will not be the last year of helping provide this service.  My husband’s Boy Scout troop will take over the community service project but our family will be involved in it as long as we can possibly do it.  We may have a zillion other places to be during the rest of the weekend, but we will not let the holiday weekend start without remembering who died after offering their lives in our nation’s military.

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