Another Version of my Santorini Stars 2010 BOM Quilt design at

A few weeks ago, I went to quilt group with our oldest daughter so she could give a thank you speech to the lovely ladies who gifted her with funds so she could attend a summer camp session at the Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the top art colleges in the nation. 

I haven’t been attending quilt group much this year, because the noise and chaos really messes with my MS symtpoms – so, this was a (dizzy) treat for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to see yet another version of my “Santorini Stars 2010 BOM Quilt” pattern than our quilt group used as a block of the month pattern last year during show-and-tell:

I love seeing my designs through the eyes of others!  Thanks Edie!

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    Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

    I have already had a few meetings and responsibilites to take care of this week, so the kids can return to school on Monday.  We will have an 11th grader, an 8th grader, a 6th grader and a 5th grader.  OY.

    Let’s just say I apologized to those teachers who had to have more than one of our kids during the course of their day 🙂

    And it doesn’t help that the elementary grades post their supply lists but for the high schoolers, we have to wait for meet-n-greet night (which was last night) before we get their supply lists.  As if we have an endless supply of time over the weekend to get all of their back-to-school shopping done, as well as shopping for MORE supplies???  Crazy!

    But, I want to take a minute to recognize our school’s teachers.  I have to tell you that meet-n-greet night is much more than introducing the kids to their teachers and dropping off their supplies.  It’s hugs.  It’s love.  It’s general caring about each individual student and the opportunities the teachers have to teach the kids something.  It truly warms a Mom’s heart.  I went to a much larger school (the kids’ school only has about 300 students from Pre-K through 12th grade), so we not only have students involved in their school, we have teachers who are just as involved in their students and all of them in the community as a whole.  It makes for a much more close-knit group of people that you really want to call your friends.

    I’ll be here Monday, celebrating with an Irish jig (as such suits this partial-Irish lass) as the kids are carted off on the big yellow bus to their home away from home for the next 10 months!

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      How to Make a Quilt Knot

      Many years ago I learned how to make a quilt knot.  I think it was through a Georgia Bonesteel article, but I could be mistaken.  After discussing this knot with many quilters, I realize very few know what a quilt knot is.

      SO, DH helped me make a video that should help you learn how to make a quilt knot.  Please note that I used a very large yarn needle instead of a quilt needle.  I also used Pearl Cotton thread instead of my usual 50 wt. thread – but, all of these changes were made for a successful video performance.



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        A Little Quilt Therapy Goes a LONG Ways!

        I spent just a few hours on Saturday night, locked in my sewing room and enjoying some serious quilt therapy while the hubster and son-man were off on a Boy Scout campout and the girls were safely tucked into their beds.

        Oh boy was it needed!

        Here’s the result of my little bit of time at the sewing machine, a gift for a wedding in a few weeks.  The original pattern came from the lovely Kris at

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