Is Webster’s Just an Opinion?

Our oldest daughter (the artist) asked for, and received, some artist’s fine point markers for her birthday last week.  After she read the instructions and played with them a while, she made a poster for her door.  It does point out some very good gifts that she has … but, ummm, I’m a little concerned about the spelling on a couple of them (she is very gifted in school).  Her dad, on the other hand, believe’s Webster’s is just an opinion, so it’s nothing to worry about.  hmmmm

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    Rut Row!

    I was in the bed reading a book the other night when my son’s poor, lonely lab came sniffing around to my side of the bed … big, sad puppy-dog eyes, wanting a little loving and petting.

    I patted the bed and she jumped up and layed with me while I read, sneaking her head over every once in a while to get another love pet. 

    Then it was time for me to get up, but the dog stayed put…curling up on hubby’s side of the bed – like she belonged there!

    Rut row – I’m in BIG trouble.  hehe

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      DD#1 Had a Birthday!

      I’ve tried, but the darned kids won’t let me forget that they are growing up!  Our oldest daughter just celebrated her 15th birthday last week … booo hooo for me!

      We surprised her with a night on the town with her best friend A from church – dinner and a play at the theatre (that another of their friends from church was in).   And yes, I *forced* her to wear the Happy Birthday crown – at least thru the restaurant and for a photo opp!

      Then A spent the night in the camper with Keara.  On Saturday morning, I came out of my office after checking email, only to find A standing on a tall caliche (hard clay/dirt) pile trying to get a cell connection so she could text her boyfriend!

      Saturday for lunch was all for DD#1.  She asked for my lasagne for lunch, then we had cake and presents.  I think she had a great 15th birthday!

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        Quilt Border Tutorial

        At our quilt group meeting last night one of our members presented a very interesting program on quilt borders.  First, she showed us some of her previous quilts with great borders:

        Once she showed us how we can enhance, pull together fabrics or just add another dimension to a quilt with borders, she gave us a little tutorial on preparing a border and then trying to fit a block into it – so that you could achieve an eye-appealing and pleasing over-all end-product where the border and the block went well together.  Take a look at the photos below and see if you can see the good and bad (or ugly) of those that “don’t work” well together:

        Great program, Ms. Edie – sure makes you think about using more than plain borders for a quilt project – especially when you consider how much fun they can be!

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