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Chaos reigns!  The tooth that I chipped before Christmas finally broke up and fell out of my mouth, and became infected so much that I thought I was birthing a softball out my cheek.  Red, hot, swollen, hurty.  Yesterday, I went into an oral surgeon and had the rest of the tooth and roots cut out.  Amazing how much better I felt, once the poison was out of me.  I have stitches and meds and will go back this afternoon for a check-up.  I’m way better, already.  Thank the good Lord for experts in their field, who can help others, as that oral surgeon helped me.

But, I’m rarely alone in my misery, my MIL had health issues Sunday, too.  She had her Relay for Life on Saturday night, and her team spent the night on a football field, walking to try to save others.  Her team brought in the most money of anyone in the county.  Yeah for them!  Then Sunday, she felt dizzy and tired.  To be expected, we figured.  Monday, she felt worse.  For some reason, I saw her pastor’s vehicle at her house at 10 pm, and that was unusual — but, he’d won a cake at the relay and I just figured he made a late stop to pick it up.  Wrong.  His wife is in the medical field and MIL didn’t feel right.  Finally, Pastor Bill came to bang on our door at midnight, asking John to take MIL to the hospital because her heart rate was really low and they weren’t seeing anything make it better, after 2 hours.  She as in the ICU yesterday, and last night, they installed a pacemaker.  I believe she’ll be coming home today, though I don’t know if it’ll be this morning or this afternoon. 

And JD is still battling shooting pains from a pinched nerve in his back, pains go all down his arm.  He’s not fun to be around when he’s in such a state of disarray.  He went back to the bone cracker this morning, so I hope it continues to heal.  The area that’s been so painful is back into alignment, now it’s just a matter of waiting for the pinched nerve to recouperate. 

I sound like an old lady, with all the aches and pains of the week going on in our casa!  So sorry!  If you’re the praying type, we’d sure love to be included in your prayers. 

I am praying for the health professionals that make us well.  It’s the least I can do, for all of their expertise and strength.

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    The Manly Man is Nine

    Quite an eventful weekend here, as our son-man turned a big nine on Sunday!  Not much quilting going on, but lots of fun and games with the kids!  I’ll catch up more tomorrow – right now, I’m sporting a cheek the size of a softball as the tooth I broke a few months ago has just now decided to be painful.  Why do those things happen on the weekends?


    Most memorable moment:  Just as everyone was ready to go home, son-man asked us all to get together so he could give his “Birthday Boy Speech.” 

    Thank you, everyone, for coming to help me celebrate my birthday.  It was great, awesome, gnarley and cool.  Thanks for the presents.  Now, go in peace and serve the Lord.


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      Nose Mush, Back Mush, Skin Mush … all around Mushiness

      Been another week of MUSH here at the casa de kids! 

      Nose Mush:  DD#2 has been having nosebleeds, for about six weeks.  They weren’t awful, but it did upset her some.  Last week, they became gushes, taking up to an hour to stop.  This caused minor anxiety in her teacher and major anxiety with the kid.  I took her into our doctor on Wednesday, and he decided it was just an area in her nose that was needing to heal.   He packed it full of packing soaked with Neosporin, and put a sling under her nose (well, a piece of gauze and tape, completely covering her nose and giving her face a lovely “I just had a nosejob” look) and sent us on our way.  She was none too happy about returning to school, afraid that the kids would make fun of her.  Her teacher was kind, asked me to come into the classroom so that we could calm her fears – and she explained to the class what was going on, and asking them to be kind and helpful.  The biggest drawback was that DD#2 couldn’t eat very fast, nor does she have much appetite.  The dad-person took her back to the doc this morning, to have the packing removed and see if the area is healing.  Let’s hope so because the kids are performing a play and doing a liturgical dance at church on Sunday! 

      Back Mush:  Hubby threw his back out a few weeks ago, and he’s been painfully been trying to get it all worked out.  Would he go to a bone cracker?  Oh no.  That’d be too much to ask!  Instead, he employs any child or mom that he can, to try limb-twisting manipulations, to get things back in place.  He whines.  He refuses to listen to reason.  Then, he has an hour of feeling better, so he goes outside and digs in the ditch … or works on the new deck … or hauls loads of concrete.  I’m at my wit’s end!  Yesterday, I had him all to myself on a trip to the big city, and we returned to pick up the girls a few minutes early.  I’m smarter than he realizes, I think!  We found a chiro who would see him and try to get his neck to pop – and I left him there while I went to get the girls from school … and went to my own doctor’s appointment!  He was extremely sore last night, but he said the good doc did what he did and got the neck to pop.  He goes back Monday for a full work-up, and hopefully they’ll get the lower back to pop, too.  I, for one, will be so very happy to have my other husband back – you know, the one who could have fun without being in pain?

      Skin Mush:  I returned to the derm yesterday, miserable.  The two rounds of antibiotics and two different creams I’ve been using to get rid of these body blisters has done nothing except make my hands break out from using the creams!  ARGH.  I have blisters in places that aren’t even in medical textbooks.  She changed antibiotics and changed creams and gave me another shot of the steroid.  She said if this doesn’t work, she’ll need to send me to an allergist, to have another round of patch-testing done….she’s thinking I’m allergic to something here in Texas that I’ve never been allergic to before.  Oh joy.  I just want to live a life without scratching myself bloody all the time!  She did mention that she thinks I’m re-infecting myself … so, the sheets and robes and everything else needs to be washed in hot water.  Perhaps that’ll take care of things?!

      Really funny yesterday – we went into a chiro office to see if they meant what they said on their sign “walk-ins welcome” — and, well, we were welcome, but they didn’t have any openings….but, hey, do you want a muffin to make you feel better?!  HAHA, we laughed about that – like here, gain some more weight, that’ll really make you need to return to the chiro!  Throw FOOD at it!

      The boy-child’s ninth birthday is Sunday – but, after our trip to the city yesterday, we’re as ready as we can be for it!  Now, I just have to figure out what to serve for lunch on Sunday that’s quick and easy after church, and we’ll be set!

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        Project Wrap-Ups

        This past weekend, I spent my quilting time finishing projects.  I don’t like WIPs hanging about, and if I don’t finish them when I start them, I just don’t seem to finish them.

        I put the binding on my Baby Building Blocks quilt, and although I’m usually not a “black for baby” quilter, this quilt is just so lovely to look at:


        I made another Quilted Charger Plate Cover, to accompany the “You’re Special Balloons” Quilted Charger Plate Cover:


        So, the special person at your dining table would get the “Special” charger, and everyone else gets a balloon!

        Then, I created the next banner for my mini-banner series, and wrote the pattern:


        In following with the first in the series, “Got Snow?” … and the second, “Spring” … this one is called “Shine.”  I have two more to design over the course of this year, and they’re a blast to create and to showcase!

        I also made one more “Take Me Home to Texas” quilted charger plate, since I gave the first one I’d made away to our pastor and his wife as a gift.

        Now?  My conscience is clear … I can move on and make more quilts!

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          Swedish Weaving Project Complete and Pizza Box Quilt Update

          Remember how I spent my Saturday a few weeks ago?  Well, on Sunday, I finished my Swedish Weaving project, by appliqueing the woven piece of Monk’s cloth to fabric and creating quilted table runner!


          It turned out rather lovely, if’n I do say so myownself!  I may continue to do some of this weaving, when I need some hand-work, while watching a movie with the kids or something.  We’ll see!

          We had our little quilt group meeting last night, and we called it our Stitch ‘n *itch program, which we’ll have every three months.  Ok ok, I called it that – we officially named it after the lady in the group who requested that we do more than learn new things … she wanted us to have time to quilt, since she can’t seem to find time to do it at home.   Last month’s meeting was cut short by some anxious husbands who took offense when the tornado sirens went off, and they called their wives home {rolling eyes}.  So, our program from last month was moved to this month – and those who wanted to participate learned how to make some more foldy stars … while the rest of us worked on our own projects.

          In February, I took the time to put together five charity pizza box quilts, with the start of some lovely quilts in them.  There were two medallions, for centers of quilts – the quilter just had to add another row around the center (like a round robin project).  Then, I had 2 boxes filled with charm squares, and the quilter who took those boxes was to make more nine-patches, to grow those quilts (one was for an adult, one was for a child).   And the last box was filled with four 12″ quilt squares I’d put together, and the next quilter was to add four more squares, to grow that quilt.  In all of the boxes, there was fabric that matched what I’d already pieced with…and the quilter who took the box was to use those fabrics and/or add more fabrics.

          I thought it was a fun way to get folks involved who may not be as involved in our group, to promote individuality as well as teamwork.

          Well, three of the four boxes came back last night (the other two were with members who didn’t show up to the meeting) and I was very pleased with the progress!  I didn’t get a photo of the nine-patch squares, but I did take pictures of the other two that were there:

          2 rows of 12″ quilt squares completed

          3 round robin rows completed

          If you and your quilt group or quilt friends would like to make these pizza box charity quilts, just get some new boxes from your local pizzaria.  Inside the box, add some blocks or a medallion or at least the beginnings of a quilt…as well as fabric for the next quilter to use or to match with additional fabrics.  I also added a notecard to each box, so that the quilter could add their name and the dimensions of the piece, after they added their part.  Then, pass the pizza box to another quilter, letting them use their creativity to grow your charity quilt.  After about six times around, you should have a beautiful quilt just waiting for some loving quilted stitches … to donate to a chosen charity!

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