Quilted Kitchen: Blueberry Pie Quilt Block & Blueberry Pie Recipe — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I love this pattern! I am very new at this, so if I want to make a 5′ X 6′ quilt how much fabric would I need.

    Thank you in advance.

    Cindy Woelky
    Age – almost 70yrs young! LOL

  2. Cindy: Each block is 12″ square finished. To make a 5′ wide quilt you’d need to make FIVE (5) column’s of “Blueberry Pie Quilt Blocks”. And for it to be a 6′ long quilt, you’d need to make SIX (6) row’s of “Blueberry Pie Quilt Blocks”. Unless you’d like to add sashing & borders to your quilt & then the dimensions would be have to reconsidered.

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