“Winterset Bricks” Block #1 Free Quilt Block Pattern — 2 Comments

  1. do you happen to have the updated and CORRECT strip measurements? We are trying to make this pretty quil for a board retreat and the measurements are awrong thanks
    also idenifying colors seems to be an issue as well–if you start with certain colors in block one don’t they have to follow throuh as well?

  2. Apologies, April. The only one that is incorrect is the second strips and they should be 4 1/2″ x 8″ to make the correct size of 12″ x 10″ block. As for colors, I *thought* I used the same colors throughout but bricks have variations and hence, it’s not as easy to just say it’s one color. Did the rest of these blocks have cutting measurements that are incorrect?

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