Quilted Hearts Website Launch

There are hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of quilt bloggers in cyberspace.  There are professional blogs and personal blogs – all who write about quilting or other quilt-related topics.  Where can you find them?  If you use a search engine to find them, you are looking at, again, thousands of pages.  If you are looking at a website that has bloggers registered, again there are too many to find what you are searching for.  Same with trying to connect with blogs from your friends on Facebook.

Enter Quilted Hearts!  This website was created to help you – the reader – find content and/or blogs you may never have seen or heard of.  It’s a FREE way of connecting real quilters with real quilter’s blogs!


We will showcase one blog per day from a number of bloggers who quilt and write about it.  Don’t miss Quilted Hearts – where your quilting horizons just might help you learn more than you knew about quilting!

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