Happy 13th Birthday Son!

Ahhhhh, another teenager in the house.  My fuzzly little manly-man is now a happy, healthy young man who has brought a lot of joy to our family.  Since DD#2 was away at Girl Scout camp, we were not able to celebrate his birthday until this evening.  We all enjoyed our family get-together.  And I believe our son-man received all the gifts that he asked for except for a video game and I told him he could buy that with the money he received for his birthday.


I am open to ANY and ALL suggestions on dealing with three teenagers and one tweenager in the house!

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    Sacred Arts Graduation Sunday

    I have said this many times, but our three younger children have attended our church’s Wednesday evening Sacred Arts program since 2007 and have absolutely loved it.  It is run my our church music director.  It is a way for her to teach children in grades K – 5 that there are many ways to praise the Lord through music, but not just by singing music.  They have done presentations nearly every month throughout the school years which have included liturgical dance, puppetry, percussion instruments, American sign language, bells and a host of other fun activities that keep the kids enthralled and excited to return each week.  We loved the program so much that I have been the assistant for most of the years that our kids have been attending.

    But, that is soon to come to an end.  Our youngest daughter is finishing the fifth grade this year, and that is the last grade allowed in Sacred Arts.  So, along with our youngest daughter, I will be graduating from the program, too!  We are going out in a fun way as we are going to make graduation caps to wear at her final presentation Sunday.  And, since a few of the girls in the class will not be able to attend, I have to stand up and play the tambourine!  Here are a few pictures from over the years that I have worked with this wonderful music director of our kids performing:

    February 2009 DD#3 and DD#2

    May 2009 Son with Streamers

    November 2010 DD#3 and Son (and friend) performing a Thanksgiving drama

    February 2012 DD#3 American Sign Language Song Interpretation

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      Special Baby Shower Gift for Attendees

      Last weekend I attended a lovely baby shower for a friend of our oldest daughter.  DD#1 could not attend as she was off on the other side of Texas at Regional One Act Play competition, so I ventured out to enjoy a little time with other ladies.  I have not done this often since I was diagnosed with MS because all of the movement and activity around me causes my head to spin.  But, I felt it necessary – and I actually wanted to go!

      As we were leaving, the grandma-to-be handed out these precious gift bags to all of the attendees:

      Inside each bag was a miniature cloth diaper, a few mint candies and a candle with a special prayer on it:

      The prayer reads:

      Here’s a candle for you to light,
      Once the stork has made his flight.
      With the flicker of the flame,
      Say a prayer in baby’s name.

      How precious!  And what a lovely sentiment as a send-off to those who came to gift the baby and mom-to-be with baby items for her upcoming bundle of joy!

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