Another Crooked Brook Fabric Winner!

The giveaway is over and now it’s time to CONGRATULATE the winner of the QuiltTherapy and Crooked Brook® 5 yards of 100% Wheat colored Seersucker fabric!

Let me say THANK YOU to all those who entered – I enjoyed your comments and realized just how far and wide quilting folks come together and the good works that they are doing for their community – KUDOS to you!!!

Using a random number generator, this is the winner:

And the person who left that comment is this one:

Again, congrats to Janet and I hope to see a photo in the (near) future of what you’ve done with your fabric gift!

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    Another Crooked Brook Fabric Giveaway!

    A HUGE box came in the mail a month ago, and I had no idea what to expect.  I knew Crooked Brook was sending me some more fabric, but if they gave me advanced warning of what was inside of the box, I didn’t remember it.

    Let’s just say nearly every single one of my fabric passion senses were put to use – I looked at the 5 yards of Wheat 100% Cotton Seersucker fabric, I sniffed it, I stroked it, I layed it on my cutting table for a week to look at it.  I was in fabric passion heaven!

    What to do?  What to create?  My brain was on overload and I was so excited to see what would become of this fabric!

    Then, I figured it out!  My sista/cuz (she’s really my cousin but her folks finished raising me and she was born while I lived with them so she’s closer than a cousin which means she’s stuck with another older sister!) was getting married and I needed to make her a wedding quilt!  This fabric was PERFECT for the backing on the quilt I had in mind!

    This is the front of the quilt when it was finished.

    This is the front and Seersucker backing once it was quilted.

    And this is my beatiful cousin (on the right) opening up her quilted gift and holding it up to see!

    And now Crooked Brook wants to offer one lucky winner 5 yards of Wheat 100% Cotton Seersucker fabric, too!

    Free Fabric Giveaway – EXTENDED Due to Server and Weather Issues!!!


    • You must leave a comment on this blog post about what you would do with so much fabric, including your email address.
    • Entries will be received from May 19th through May 27th.
    • Winner will be chosen on Saturday, May 28th and notified via email.
    • Winner will be randomly selected.
    • Entries only received from U.S. Residents with U.S. mailing addresses.
    • You must be 18 years or older to win.

    Can’t wait to find a VERY happy winner!  Leave your comments now!

    This contest is sponsored by Crooked Brook®.  No compensation for the above contest was exchanged for this fabric giveaway.

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      We Had a BABY!

      Our two oldest daughters decided they wanted to spend their Christmas funds in an unusual way.  Given that both are teens, you’d expect they’d want to spend it on TEEN things like clothes or books or jewelry.  But, not our teens.  They purchased an incubator!

      Yesterday, they became mothers of this adorable little turkey – which our oldest poetically named POE TATER:

      What fun it is to have a baby in the house again – and I don’t even have to change diapers!

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        We’re Still One of a Kind Working on our Full House

        Today, my husband and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  Who would have thunk it?!  I have been married to him longer than I lived with my parents, longer than I lived in foster homes and even longer than I remained single before marriage.  I think that means I’m stuck with him as he’s stuck with me!

        He got me a gift certificate to buy books for my Nook and I got him a gift certificate to buy beer making kits.  lol  We’re way past the traditional “paper, gold, diamonds” stage – actually, I don’t think we’ve ever followed those rules!

        Here is a photo from our wedding day.  It’s not easy to see, but my wedding dress was custom made (and not traditional) in a very pale pink color – I still have it but I doubt even half of my body would fit in it these days.  hehe

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