Quilting for Fundraising Part 1

One of the things I enjoy about the school the kids go to is that there are not an overload of fundraisers for each and every little thing.   The school has a carnival the day after homecoming, and that is the major fundraising event for each class.  The older grades get fundraising opportunities, but we don’t sell magazines, wrapping paper, candy, etc. any other time of year. 

Of course, that also means that when we have a fundraiser, we have to make it a really good one!  This year, I’ve volunteered to help the band with a fundraiser at the carnival, and DD#2 is the president of her 7th grade class, so I have to help organize that carnival booth, too.

Thankfully, we have a great group of  quilters in our little town and they came together to help me with the band fundraiser.  Our original intention was just to make 1 quilt, and then another member offered a whole-cloth quilt to us.  Well, last week, my lovely co-quilters surprised me with enough blocks to make TWO quilts and a table runner, plus the whole cloth quilt! 

Here is the first M2B2 (Mighty Medina Bobcat Band) quilt that I put together Saturday:

This one features Texas wildflower fabric on the border, with our school colors as the main block colors.

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