Obligations Reign over Quilt Therapy

On my cutting table is two entire fat quarter bundles of “Hill Country Spring” designed by Sentimental Studios for Moda.  It’s all layed out, sorted by colorways and fabric patterns.

On my sewing table is the stack of fat quarters from the “Hartfield” fabric line, designed by Barbara Brackman for Moda. 

My week is crazy, though, since the fabrics arrived.  Monday night my husband had Scouts, so I was the ‘homework, showers, dinner’ mom … Tuesday night, DD#1 had UIL practice until 6 pm, so I had to break up our evening to go pick her up in town.  Wednesdays are always hairy, as I leave with the son-man after lunch for our day in town, running errands and attending the kids’ church class.  Tonight, I have to lead the Girl Scouts … and tomorrow, I *must* finish a web design that’s been in the works for a while.

And to top it all off, I received two finished quilts from my quilter in the mail the other day which need to be finished with binding and a label.

It’s killing me!  No time to quilt, barely enough time to design – and yet, all of this INSPIRATION is piling up in front of me!  One of these days, I swear I’m going to become the IRRESPONSIBLE woman and just shut down the computer, lock the kids out of my sewing room — and QUILT. 

For therapy, of course.

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    Introducing QuiltBlockDash.com

    For Members:  Have you ever started a block of the month quilt, only to find yourself impatient for the next block to be revealed?  Wait no longer!  For each Shop that you find the creative image in, you will log into your Quilt Block Dash account and register that Shop.  Then, within your member’s account, the instructions for a new block will be revealed!  In the end, if you visit all 14 the Quilt Shops that are part of the Quilt Block Dash that you enter and find all of their hidden creative images, you will not only have the entire set of instructions and patterns to piece a new quilt top; your name will also be dropped into our Quilt Block Dash basket and you have a chance to win prizes – fabulous Quilt Block Dash prizes!

    For Quilt Shops:  We offer a new and unique opportunity to help grow your visitor numbers, and hopefully increase your quilt shop sales!  Quilt Block Dash only allows 14 quilt shops to join each Quilt Block Dash. It’s super-easy to join, and then add the Quilt Block Dash creative images to your website.  And it’s a great way to meet and greet new customers and “give ’em your best” Quilt Block Dash smiles!

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      Prayers Please

      I don’t usually ask for prayers on my blog.  I am very public with my faith to those I know, but not so public to those with whom I may share a differing opinion.  After living in Utah for 7 years, a Lutheran in a near-foreign religious land, it’s difficult to stop and remember that there is just one God, and most of us who claim we are Christians honor Him.   Perhaps in differing ways or with differing viewpoints of organized (or not) religion, but we all have the same basic right to freedom of religion.

      But today, I ask you for prayers.

      In this post http://quilttherapy.com/?p=350 I spoke of a dear friend who had a benign tumor removed from her tongue, and I made her the crazy quilted heart, blessed and prayed over by our whole family.  I later found out that she held it tight as she went through her surgery, feeling a sense of comfort from the love that we sent with it.

      We received an email this morning, that she’s had another tumor removed from under her tongue, but this time the pathology showed it was malignant. 

      Are there enough prayers out there?  Can we all take just a moment to send up a prayer for Ms. P. — for healing and strength, and for her family as they go through this trying time?

      God answers prayers.  No doubt in my mind.  So, please, in the privacy of your home or in the public way via comment – pray for our dear friend.  She is one special lady.  I ask of this in Jesus’ name.  Amen

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