Quilting Damsel in Distress Saved by Quilt Buds

I sent out an SOS the night before last, asking my buds in our little quilt group if any of them had some time to come save me from myself.  I had the “You May Go to Hell, I Will Go to Texas” quilt all ready for binding – but, with the shape of my hands, there was no way that I could finish the project.  And the young man graduated tonight (Friday) and his party is Saturday.  EEEEK

But, thanks to the kind and loving souls that I attend quilt group with, two showed up today (though six offered), and we whip-stitched our way to completion! 


The only thing I have left to do is to print a tag to press onto the back, and then I can wrap it and it’ll be ready to go tomorrow night!  woooottttt

A huge thank you to Theresa and Donna for driving out to the hills for some quilting fun – oh, and don’t forget the delectible brownies, too!

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    Happy Brother

    My youngest brother, Jed (not his given name, but it is his real name cause we made it up for him when Jed Clampett was popular – and that’s what siblings do, make up names for each other — mine was Bird, in case you wondered) sent me a very excited email this morning.


    I am divorced !!!!!! Everything worked out GREAT !!!!

    I’m happy for him.  It’s been a long haul to get this far, and there were many factors involved that should have left their noses in their own business.  But, it’s done.  And he can move on with his life, with his new love.

    p.s. My hands ARE better — but, I still can’t get my wedding ring off.

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      And the Winner of the Stupid Tammy Tricks Is …. Tammy!

      We have a beautiful, huge 36′ x 12′ deck on the back of our house — built with our own loving hands, on Memorial Day 2008:


      And a few flower pots with pretty plants, waiting to grow and share their beauty:


      And this morning, I woke up to this:


      And this …


      And this …


      I totally forgot that the treated lumber had formaldehyde in it – one of the three major things that I’m allergic to.  Oh hell.  And my new derm won’t be back in town until tomorrow.

      These hands are on so much fire that when I drop them into a bowl of ice, the ice literally sizzles.

      Ow.  Double Ow.


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        Memorial Day in Texas

        Our family celebrated Memorial Day 2008 in our own way, by working our fingers off building a deck, by watching the kids run and play, by not getting involved in crowds, by getting sunburned, and by flying our flags at half-mast until noon and then raising them sky-high:


        Now, before anyone starts hollering at me because we are not flying the usual flags that American’s fly, please remember that I’m married to a very passionate Texican.  The first flag (on top) is the original Confederate States of America flag, which first appeared in March 1861.  Please don’t confuse this first flag with the flag that many think of as the confederate flag that folks interpret as not nice.  That other flag has become a symbol of something that most of Texas that I know, want nothing to do with.

        The second flag (lower) was known as the “Burnet Flag” and was used to represent Texas from 1836 – 1839 as the national Flag of the Republic of Texas.

        Ah yes, my Texican is extremely loyal to his roots – and to his country.

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          Father’s Day Will Never Be the Same

          As Memorial Day approaches, there will be a little American flag flying next to my brother Mike’s grave.  I saw his headstone this past week, for the first time.  I tried not to cry that day because DD#1 was already nervous about being in a cemetary (and she wouldn’t even get out of the car), but over the years, the tears have come easily when I think of him and all that he meant to me. 

          Mike died on Father’s Day in 1997.  Mike was never a father, but he died of the same type of brain aneurysm that our own dad died of. 


          And this part below, it’s the most special part, to me, on Mike’s headstone:


          Because he was a loving husband and brother – and his sister’s best friend.  And I still miss him terribly, every single day.


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