Quilt Fabric Sales

Unless I am extremely enamored with a fabric or a fabric line (and I do have my favorite fabric designer’s), my motto has always been – why pay retail prices?  When I was a new quilter, I would go to quilt shops and head directly for their sales area.  That is how I built up my stash – only buying fabric that was on sale.  Even as I continued to quilt and advance my talents, I still started with the sales areas.  Who knows when that half-price three yard cut of fabric will come in handy for a quilt top or even as quilt backing?

That is the premise behind Quilt Fabric Sales – why pay retail?


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    Fat Quarter Deals

    I try to keep my stash well rounded with scraps, pre-cut fabrics, fabric yardage, etc.  Fat quarters are the one thing that I use most often…and the one thing I deplete in a hurry (I either use all of them or I use part of them so that they go to the scrap baskets).  I’ve also noticed I have a lot of a certain color that is not my favorite…and not a whole lot of another color that is one of my faves.  About the time I have a project ready to go, I begin searching through all of my fabric bins…only to come up short with some colors I need.

    I have been trying to keep a good count, and well rounded stock, of my fat quarters.  The best way that I’ve found is to have a list of fat quarter colors readily available, and every three months I try to replenish those fat quarter colors so I am rarely running out of the colors I need.

    Fat quarters.  Fat Quarters.  FAT QUARTERS!!! 🙂

    What about you?  Do you need to add some fat quarters to your stash?  Or need some fat quarters for a current project?  If so, check out Fat Quarter Deals!  Quality 100% cotton quilt fabric at awesome prices!


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      Websites of TK Harrison, Quilt Designing Computer Geek

      Perhaps the moniker my children gave to me many years ago is no longer correct, since MS has robbed me of some of my ability to be a computer geek…but I still occasionally handle websites for clients on my server so think I’ll keep it!

      There are many websites that are part of my quilting endeavors.  Some were created for the love of quilting, some for those learning to quilt and some just for the fun of quilting!  These are the websites in my quilting empire:

      There are also a couple other websites that are in the process of being developed.

      And when I look at this list, I’m a bit embarrassed that I have so many websites…except they’re all about quilting and that has been my passion for over 30 years!

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        AbbiMays.com Five Yard Bundles

        I often find myself with a lot of fat quarters and very little yardage to go with it!  You too?

        One thing I have found to keep my fabric stash balanced amongst all of the baskets full of fat quarters and fabric scraps is to purchase a couple of Five Yard Bundles from AbbiMays.com.

        These bundles are not the pick-and-choose what fabrics you specifically want but all of them go together, either with matching fabrics or coordinating fabrics.  And the price?  It cannot be beat – $22 for five yards of fabric.  Unheard of, these days!  Here are a few that caught my eye from the “Quilting for Charity” page:




        Just having these beauties would make my heart sing and my quilting gene sore!  Go ahead, check out the amazing specials offered by AbbiMays.com.  And if you purchase there, use the coupon code tammy10 for an additional 10% off your purchase!

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