Two Year Anniversary of Living with Multiple Sclerosis — 5 Comments

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your struggle with MS. It brings tears to my eyes to hear of someone suffering. I have lived with MS for over 40 years. I was not diagnosed until 1993 when I was paralyzed in my right side after a car accident. The trauma brought it on full force in 1989. I did not do well with the injections or with traditional medication. I did a lot of PT and accupuncture when the insurance company allowed it. I take one magnesium vitamin pill a day for the muscle spasms and lots of vitamin B complex and Choline. All are very important for nerve conduction. I stopped doing all the physical things I used to do like snow skiing and aerobics and riding my bike. I now do stretching and walk on good days and “quilt”. That is my sanity is to be able to quilt. Even that somedays is a challenge but for the most part I do well. I am 62 years old and am still quite mobile. Hot weather is my enemy and I am loving the winter cold. Although, as I have gotten older, I need to bundle up more when outside. I have had the two best doctors. One was Kenneth Johnson, world reknown MS research doctor out of University of Maryland Hospital. He retired a few years ago and I also moved to Virginia. I now have Pat Shipley from Martha Jefferson Hospital that is tops in the MS field here in the University of VA area. I own two canes, a walker and a scooter. Most stay in the closet for long periods of time. I use the canes when the spasms get too bad and the scooter has not had batteries in it for 12 years. I had a bad bout but recovered….did not think that I would but I did. Hang in there and know someone is thinking of you and praying for you. Love to you, Sandi

  2. Thanks to all of you who commented and pray – my body is but a vessel of the Lord’s and I am feeling that my MS is a way for me to help educate and support others with MS.

    Sandi, I was diagnosed at the “old” age of 46, so I doubt I have 40 years left in me but is good to hear from someone who has lived with MS for so long! I, too, have one of the so-called pioneers of MS research doctors; though because of my “poor” socioeconomic status, I do not feel as if I am getting the best care.

    I would just like to be able to find *something* that helps me. I have four kids at home (I am an older parent, too) who need their mother and a husband who needs his wife. That is what is most important to me!

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