A Quilted Christmas Season — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, you were very busy!! Fabulous projects. I love the second and last blocks in the second to last table runner. Those are fabulous.

    All the best for 2010.


  2. Thanks Michele – that table runner is totally original blocks — mostly sew n’slash style (meaning I just sewed and cut until I got what I wanted). FUN for me, too!

  3. Jessica: I found the pattern at a local hobby shop here, then looked online for a free pattern — which I found at I still bought a pattern at the hobby shop, and then streamlined it (see my photo above) so I could mass produce them for Christmas gifts without so much work (lazy quilter – that’s ME). Using a pinking rotary blade, all I had to do was cut them out, sew the top and bottom seams across, fold and press, then run them through my machine with a straight and a zig-zag stitch. SUPER-simple!

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