Another Birthday Weekend Quilt Quilt

Don’t have much time to yak today as I have been called to jury duty.  Oh joy.  Yes, it’s my civic duty, yada yada yada … but, when you’re a one-woman show who tries to support a family, it’s rather depressing to think that the $6/day they pay you IF you are chosen will put a bean on our table.   Doesn’t account for the gas to get to the county seat, or the time spent if you’re not chosen (and therefore, not paid).  But, I will show up and pray that I do what is expected/required and then get sent home.

Here’s the second quilt I completed this past weekend, another Shaggy Flannel, made from my Building Blocks Baby quilt pattern.


I might add that my dh has already claimed this quilt for himself – he loves the moose in sleeping bags, and wants it to cover his shoulders when he rests in his lazy boy. 

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    1. Baby Quilt Queen says:

      Gaa. I have jury duty in a month. So not looking forward to going, but I’m with you on the civic duty part. If I was on trial, I would want someone like me up there, so I feel obliged to be there for someone else.

      Anywhoo, that quilt just looks quite snuggly. No wonder your hubby wants it. And it fits my first rule for simple baby quilts, which is no triangles!! (I have got to do a post explaining my hatred for triangles.)

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