Casa Harrison

Life as we know it has returned to “our normal” here at Casa Harrison.  We picked the two big girls up from their various church camps on Friday, and they both had a marvelous time.  Both were ready to sign up for next year.   DD#2 came home with a cold & slight fever, so she’s been a bit under the weather.  DD#1 came home with a boyfriend, who she’s already written to, so we’re trying to calm her and remind her that she’s just 12 years old.  Yesterday, she spent the day walking around and taking photos of everyone in the house, so she could send him pix of our family.  ummm, whoa, says the mom!  lol

I’d like to say I had a busy weekend and got a lot done – but, really, I lazed around.  I did finish writing all of the patterns for our upcoming 2008 “Christmas in July” celebration on, so at least I did a *litttle* work!  I also finished with another “Joy” original design, the pattern to be launched during July as well – now I just have to write the patterns!


And here’s the other “Joy” design, in case you missed it earlier:


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