Another August, Another School Year

The kids are back in school.  And this time, all four are attending the local public school.  I pray with all my heart that it works out for our son-man, and I’m very happy with the teacher he has this year.  If there’s any teacher I would choose for him, she would be the one.  He only got to go a half of a day yesterday because we had to get him another shot (let’s not go there, mkay?).  But, he attended three afternoon classes and was very happy when he came home, especially because he had homework!  The girls are great and happy with their classes, for the most part.  We have a new neighbor who is in DD#2’s grade and her dad was wondering where we were for the past two months – he had no idea so many kids lived on this hill!  I’m sure she and our second daughter will become fast friends since we live so close to them.

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