IDIOM Hilarity

Remember when I sang the praises of the local library program’s summer reading fun, with the production from the Texas Storybook Theatre of Amelia Bedelia and the lesson on idioms?

Ever since then, there have been a number of instances where I’ll call the hubs (who is very literal) or one of the kids (usually non-literal) Amelia – they truly make the word IDIOM come to life!

But, none so hilarious as the exchange we had at lunch on Sunday.

Dad to DD#1:  “So, what is the cost of the school lunches?”

DD#1:  “$1.25 for K-3, $1.50 for 4-6 and $1.75 for 7-12.”

Dad:  “What’s the difference?”


I laughed until the tears fell.  Lunch was delayed by 30 minutes because I couldn’t quit laughing.  The real question he should have asked was WHY the difference – but, my Amelia prodigy was just way quicker on the draw than her dad!  HAHA – it’s still funny!

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    1. tammom says:

      Oh golly Carla – his face was PRICELESS! And when I couldn’t stop laughing, he got even more funny. Then the kids were all hooting and he had no choice but to join in with us! Absolutely hilarious!

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