Easter Celebration

When we celebrate in church, we do it up right!  Our two youngest kids danced with streamers during one of the songs on Easter Sunday, and in the middle of their song, they threw balloons out into the congregation so everyone could celebrate with us!  It’s one thing for the folks to watch and enjoy the kids’ dancing, but quite another when you have them participate with you!

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    Guest Blogger at Splinters & Threads Blog!

    I have been blessed, as a quilter, by so many wonderful people.  One of those is Gina Reddin, owner of Splinters & Threads.

    Gina recently asked me to come up with an “Ask a Crafter” blog post and graciously allowed me to be a guest blogger on her blog.  I’m honored!

    So, please take a few minutes and go see what I posted and the craft I made – a new family tradition!  Click on the image above to see more.

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