San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo

The San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo is second only to the one in Houston in size in the nation.  The commercial venues are mainly geared toward adults, but the stock show is totally created for the youth and their animals and projects.

My husband was once again a judge for the Ag-Mechanics contest, this year a lead just for the feeders.  He had a small team of two men and two college student helpers, but that was enough to have him nearly finished by lunch (one project was classified wrong so they had to judge it after lunch).  Growing up on a farm in Iowa and then marrying a man with a PhD in an ag-related field means I have never been far from my roots, even if my roots move around a lot.  I truly enjoy seeing the innovative and amazing projects the students all across the state of Texas put together.

After lunch and the final project being judged, we walked around the commercial exhibits for a  little while.  One of the first things I saw, I just knew I had to have – and told hubby it was a very early anniversary gift to ourselves …

It’s a clock made on a framed license plate from our alma mater, the University of Missouri-Columbia!  I received my B.S. there and hubster got his Ph.D. there.  I thought it was pretty cool and made him hang it on the wall beside my bed – because without my glasses, I can’t see the alarm clock on his side of the bed!

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    Learning to Garden

    Our son and his fifth and sixth grade class have been gardening and growing their own vegetable garden at school this year.  Here is a great shot of my son, who grew the best head of cabbage in his class!

    The kids are being assisted by our local garden club and it has been a great learning experience for all involved.  Of course, since my husband has a huge garden, I’ve been told a number of times that our son-man has been the one teaching the teachers instead of the other way around. 🙂

    He didn’t eat the cabbage (oh mom, it’s a vegetable!) but my husband shredded it up and made sauerkraut with it!  What a great learning experience for all involved!

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      Ring My Bell

      While I have been busy making sure you know what blocks we are doing for the 2011, “Purely Nine”, my children have continued on with their daily lives.  DD#1 is in the school’s one act play, and last year’s took state so there’s a lot of pressure to follow in their footsteps.  DD#2 sold Girl Scout cookies, spent a night with a friend and continued on her quest to be the blondest brunette I’ve ever seen.  Our son is going to bridge to Boy Scouts at the end of March and is (hopefully) remembering to behave in school.   DD#3 is busy brown-nosing and being loved by her teachers … until she gets home and melts down until bedtime.

      One of the special things our two younger kids did was to play the bells in a performance at church.  I cannot say how much we treasure their church music classes.   This is also the last year for our son as he has reached the age/grade limit for the Sacred Arts class, which makes each month’s performance that much more precious.

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