Memorial Day Rememberances

On this day, I remember those who have passed on, of my family and friends, who also served in the military.  Specifically, I honor my dad Raymond Lee Spencer and my brother, Michael Ray Spencer.  I’m sure there are many more, alive or not, who I should be recognizing….but, at this time, it’s my immediate family that I remember the most.  Please remember at 3 pm (wherever you are) to stop and say a prayer for fallen soldiers everywhere.


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    My Special Angel guest post by Karen Hopkins

    I have a special angel
    who could never know
    Just how close she is,
    wherever my heart seems to go.

    Today, I know an angel
    who knows just how to make me smile
    By living out her faith in God
    As she teaches me thru the distant miles.

    And just like an heavenly angel
    Who shines down from high above
    A special friend, turned “sister”
    Blesses me daily with God’s love.

    She is more than any fairy tale
    She is a messenger from up above
    Sent by my Friend, my Jesus,
    to guide me with her love.

    And though I’ve never seen one
    I know I hear my angel all the time
    Within each poem I sit and write
    Whether it does,or doesn’t rhyme.

    So with this new, and loving Angel
    His Peace, I know has taken place
    by the sharing with me of God’s forgiveness
    it’s there where God has strengthed my trust, and my faith.

    The above poem was written by me, for my friend, Mary, quite a few years ago. Mary lives in another state clear across the US from me, in Oregon, yet because of our  relationship based in the Lord, we are just as close, despite the miles between us.

    Mary, like this poem says, is my Angel.

    Not only because of what she has taught me from the Word of God, but because in the very times I have needed a ” mother” when my own has not wanted to be mine, I have learned from her what it means to be loved, and to be treausred as a daughter, and a friend.

    When Tammy asked me to write a guest blog about her angel in need idea, I thought, sure, I could do that. And I can. and I am. But as I thought about the idea she had, I began asking God to show me what He would want to be conveyed in this blog post for Tammy. As I sat and listened to the Holy Spirit, my heart grew excited in knowing that its not about the conotation of the word Angel that I should write about, but its about the spirit of being an angel, both an angel in need, and an angel who is a giver.

    Tammy wrote some time ago on her blog about recieving emails from several people who are quilters, or sewers, yet who struggle to have supplies necessary for their craft. Being a quilter herself, Tammy knows the cost of such supplies, and most likely the deep frustrations at time in not being able to afford the very same. I am a quilter, as well, and do very much understand the frustrations of not being able to buy fabric, or quilt batting, or even thread to complete a project that I know would bless others. I know, sometimes that God is my supplier, and that blessing brings me to tears many more times than not, especially now, in this season of my life, where I can not buy any fabric, due to multiple hospital bills and surgical bills over the last year. Yet, God allowed Tammy and I to email from her blog, as she blessed me with encouragement and understanding about what giving really means. Not just giving a hand out to someone in need, but giving, as many might know of her, a spirit of wanting to love someone, thru encouraging word, or beautiuful photos of her handiwork in the quilting craft.

    Tammy, well, she is an angel to her husband and to her children. She is, although we have never met, one that I see giving, and kind, and only wants to serve the Lord with her ability, and her talents. She has written emails to me, sharing her pain of her life, yet she, like an angel of giving, does not stay in that pain (and encourages me to not stay in mine, even if she doesn’t realize it ).

    Tammy’s idea of the angel in need, or Giving Angel, is something that we all can become part of. I know I do not have the ablity to purchase my supplies, but someone else might be able to do that, and bless someone else. I do, however, have the ability to share things in the quilting craft that I have here at my home, and I want to be a blessing as an Giving Angel, if there are those in need of things I might have to share. Why would someone who has no way to buy things, like me, be willing to share with others?  Because I am a steward of what God has blessed me with, and I want to be an extension of His hand. And like Tammy wrote me a few days ago, completely off the subject, her quote here: “If we can’t support and love each other, what do we have left?”

    We are left with hurting people, brothers and sisters who can’t find joy in thier lives, knowing there might not be anyone who would help them stand, in their life experiences, because they do not share what other blessings God has given to them.

    Today, I stand with Tammy, and offer what I can share, with someone who might be in need. I want to be a Giving Angel, one who supports with encouragement, and with blessings in the tangible way. And I hope, prayerfully, that you whom might read Tammy’s blog here, that you can either recieve your own blessing if you are in need, or be a giver, and encourager to those that need some special touch of joy.

    Would you pray about Tammy’s idea, and become part of a special treausre box of encouragement? Whether you have fabric, or thread, or patterns to give away, or if you are in need of anything like that, please prayerfully, ask God to minister to you, or to others in a way that you would know an Angel really does exist when least expecting it.


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      Hubby’s Garden

      My foster cousin keeps asking me for photos of my hubster’s garden – I finally had my camera at the house this past week and had the time to take pix for her.  This is a case of a man with a PhD in Agriculture vs. a woman who is a Master Gardner.  Let the veggie wars begin!

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        Tio’s Flamingo

        Some years ago, we were on a vacation and it was getting close to the kids’ Tio’s birthday.  I let them loose in the store and told them to pick him out a gift.  It was a DOOSIE!

        But, he has it proudly sitting right in his front yard, proudly displayed for everyone who comes to his house.  Our kids will be VERY excited to see that he enjoys this friend and thinks of them each and every darned day 😉

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