Get Ready for Quilt Therapy’s Countdown to Christmas!

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about Christmas!  This year, we’re doing something just a little different – we’re going to make a Countdown to Christmas fauz flower arrangement!  Essentially, it’ll be Christmas shapes (stocking, Christmas trees, angels, etc.) that will be attached to “stems” and “planted” in a flower pot.  We’ll make one per day, with the pattern provided each day.  By the time Christmas comes around, you should have 25 different “flowers”!


So, get ready for some sewing & crafting fun with me – starting tomorrow, December 1, 2009! 

Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Flower pot
  2. 25 round craft sticks, cut to various lengths (longest is 6″)
  3. Floral tape
  4. Fusible Peltex or Temtex
  5. Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  6. Fabirc – we are using an assortment of Wintergraphix II from to decorate the outside of the pot and to make the “flowers”
  7. Floral foam for inside the pot
  8. A touch of garland to decorate the inside of the pot
  9. Embellishments for your “flowers” such as beads, buttons, ric-rak, etc.
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    Crazy Thanksgiving and Quilting … ooops, Crazy Quilting and Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving was a lovely affair at Mama Lu’s house, turkey, ham and all the trimmings.  We came home STUFFED as that turkey was, for a lovely little nap before everyone went back up to enjoy the pies. 

    After we went back home at 10 pm, I heard that others in the family were going back for seconds.  Ugh, I was STILL stuffed!

    I did cook the ham and green bean casserole in my oven, so of COURSE I *had to* stay home to make sure the oven didn’t burn the house down — and lo-and-behold, my sewing room is right off of our dining room.  It’s perfectly ok to cook AND sew.  Right?

    Of COURSE!  hehe


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      Give Thanks with a Thankful Heart

      Our church service on Sunday has left me singing “Give Thanks with a Thankful Heart” over and over all week.  And with that, I’ve been trying to come up with a list of thanks for tomorrow’s upcoming Thanksgiving holiday:

      1.  I am thankful to God – who is the One who has made me what I am today, through His many blessings.

      2.  I am thankful to my parents, who gave me life:


      3.  I am thankful for the love of my husband, who loves me (and still talks to me) despite all of my faults.

      4.  I am thankful for my children, four of the brightest, funniest, lovable, huggable and trying little people in my home…who give and accept love so freely – they make me thirst for more of their love and talents.

      5.  I am thankful for the extended friends and family that have enriched my life, kept me grounded and shared of themselves with me – some for many, many years.

      6.  I am thankful for my quilting talents, that I am able to share them with others and live a life filled with a passion for the traditional art of quilting.


      7.  I am thankful for my clients, who send me work and help me feed my family.

      8.  I am thankful for being able to have a thankful, loving heart – at one time in my life, I was told I wasn’t capable of having and showing emotions – they were wrong.  So.  Very.  Wrong.

      9.  I am thankful for our pets, who give unconditional love and little doggie moochies.

      10.  I am thankful for YOU – who come to visit me and my lil’ ole’ life here in the hills of nowhere, Texas.  You brighten my days and help fuel my creativity.

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        A Tale of Two Techniques

        I had to make this quilt for my SIL’s boyfriend.  He chose two colors for the quilt.  That’s it.  TWO colors.  UGH  I’m just not a two-color quilter, that’s for sure.  😉


        But, this post isn’t about his color choices (or lack thereof) – it’s about variation on a theme.  I wanted to do SIMPLE (he’s a MAN, afterall), yet needed to try to create depth and some design fun. 

        And then I ran out of fabric – which is totally amazing in and of itself!  And I live 45 min. away from the nearest quilt shop.  <thud>

        So, I did what any quilter would do in the face of adversity – I punted!

        Five of the blocks are simply pieced nine-patch blocks, with a border around the nine-patch. 

        The center block is a 25-square pieced block.


        Four of the blocks are raw-edge applique, on top of the background fabric – giving the illusion that I’ve pieced them!


        Once my quilter is finished with her part, the appliqued fabrics will be stabilized and no one will know that I ran out of fabric and took a short-cut to get this quilt pieced!  Plus, I like the final results, a variation of pieced and raw-edge applique – gives a MAN quilt much more funshine than just pieced blocks.

        Try it – and have FUN in designing or making a quilt that isn’t the norm!

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          Practice What you Preach – Teacup Pincushion

          One of the (numerous) things I do is search the Internet for free quilt patterns for   In addition, I have other categories listed there, one that is just for quilted gift ideas.

          A couple of weeks ago, a visitor to the site asked for some pincusion patterns, and I was happy to oblige and find some fun ones and add them to that category.

          A week later, I got word that the lady we’d scheduled to teach paper-piecing at our quilt group meeting was unable to do so, therefore, my MIL asked me if I could quickly come up with something for the group to learn or do.  I remembered the pincusion patterns that I’d added to my website, and really thought the (older) ladies in our group would enjoy putting them together – plus, I figured they had teacups at their disposal.

          I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed our fun evening, even if it was a non-quilted project.  Sometimes, it’s just fun to throw out an idea and see how far we can go with it! 

          Here’s my completed teacup pincushion:


          And here’s where I found the pattern.  Enjoy!

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