Party Like a Pumpkin with the Third Grade!

The note I received from the teacher was that the homeroom mom had decided it would be best to offer the kids a HEALTHY Halloween party, so they asked for heatlthy foods to go with that theme.  Fine, I whipped up a lovely display of fruits:


And then I get to the classroom to help set up and enjoy the party with the kids – and am met with a table of food that I can only describe as a redneck’s definition of HEALTHY….


Yup, got this bug in the zapper, and it was still alive and kickin’ enough that I frosted it and served it.


Nuts and raisins are certainly healthy – but, ummm, what about those little chocolate pieces of candy in there?  No worries, chocolate comes from a BEAN doesn’t it?


Road kill cats – Git ‘r Done!


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    Call it What you Might

    There are many names used for tomorrow – traditionally a holiday to celebrate the eve of a holy day, that of All Saint’s Day on November 1st.  The kids learned in their Sacred Arts class this week that the word Halloween is derived from holy evening. 

    Of course, we have all sorts of various groups who claim Halloween as their own – Day of the Dead is celebrated in the Hispanic culture, pagans claim it as their special day to rise above the religious, fall festivals by some denominations who claim the holiday itself is satanic…and then the old-world Irish and Celts mark it as the difference between the “light” months (spring & summer) and the “dark” months (fall & winter).

    In our house, Halloween is first celebrated as being Reformation Day, and my hubster was very pleased to see that our praise team (during the second, blended service) held up the traditional hymn last Sunday that is known throughout the Lutheran world as the one sung for the reformation – A Mighty Fortress is Our God.  It’s always funny when one of “his” traditional hymns comes up on the screen at church, because the kids think he somehow had something to do with it.  hehe


    In light of all of that, we’ll be celebrating a lot this weekend.  Today, I’ll go help DD#3’s third-grade class with their party by bringing a healthy fruit tray (filled with RED fruit) and assisting in their craft project.  Tomorrow, we’ll say special prayers of thanks as we mark Reformation day.  Tomorrow night, we’ll take the kids to town for a trunk-or-treat at a local church, and then on to some houses for some serious trick-or-treating.  Then on Sunday, we’ll celebrate All Saint’s Day in church, with recognition to those who have passed on to their just reward this past year.

    And I’ll enjoy every bit of it – because the joy that will be found on my children’s faces makes it all worthwhile.

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      Kwazy Krakow Quilt Designed by Tammy Harrison

      I designed this quilt a few months ago but just couldn’t find the time to make more than two blocks.  When I invited Meloney to go with me to quilt market, she asked what she could do to help me – and I JUMPED on that!  hehe  So, between Meloney and I, we completed this fun lap-quilt – made with Mark Lipinski’s “Krakow” fabrics in the blue colorway.  The FREE pattern should be available from very soon!


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        Only in Podunk, Texas

        Our local school enjoyed homecoming this past week, with the high school having fun activities each day, and the week ending with a blackout pep rally (glow sticks were used) and then the football game on Friday night.  I had to work, but the hubster took a video of DD#3 and her cheer squad, the Bob Kittens – doing all the fun stuff little cheerleaders do. 

        Saturday began with the annual parade down Main Street.  Main Street, Medina is about five blocks long.  It’s so short, most of those who were participating actually went down the parade route twice, once while we all waited for candy to be thrown at us and the second time (to get back to the starting point and their vehicles) to make sure those on the opposite side of the street saw you!

        Son-man was IMpatiently waiting for the parade to begin:


        We had the lead mule and horse riders, showing the true Texas colors:


        Then we had the elementary floats, each based on a children’s book that they’d read.  I couldn’t ignore the cow jumping over the moon – especially at 10 in the morning!


        DD#3’s float was based on a Dr. Seuss book, and our lovely daughter got to be the nurse character:


        DD#2 was a really cute M&M from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:


        Then the parade had the usual alumni-filled cars, with students clear back to the 1930’s.  Next came the homecoming royalty, which includes a male and female student, chosen by their peers, in each class. Then, the volunteer fire department had a couple of trucks go thru the route.

        And finally, the epitome of Podunk, Texas – this was one of the entries in the parade — and one we’ll not soon forget!


        (it’s a honey-wagon, for those of you not familiar with life in the country)

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          2009 Quilt Market with Moda Fabrics

          Moda Fabrics are huge in the quilt fabric world.  They have wonderful fabrics, glorious thread counts and a huge number of designers who make quilted life so fun!  Here’s a number of photos of quilts that were hanging in the Moda booth at market.   Usually, once the fabric lines are released to the vendors to sell, Moda will include a free pattern to go with them.  You can find some of those here.














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