Another Stupid Tammy Trick — 3 Comments

  1. Ouch! My head hurts just thinking about how your head hurts! Your sewing room is very neat. I would be embarassed to take a picture of mine right now. It is such a mess but I am trying to clean it today just a bit. 🙂

  2. You poor thing … I do hope your head gets better soon … ouch!! That’s a lesson learned though … in future, if it falls on the floor, leave it there LOL. I wouldn’t dare take a piccy of my sewing room at the moment [eeek] … but after seeing how spotless yours is {{goodness is it always that tidy??}} I’m feeling a bit ashamed of mine so I’m going to tidy it today!! Honest :o).

  3. OUCH!!! DID YOU SEE STARS? THAT one hurt!!! 4 kids, a hubby and a indoor dog. Oh yeah… y’all… my Buddy is EXTREMELY organized. EXTREMELY. And she’s funny, too. Ha!Ha!Ha! 🙂

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