Another Stupid Tammy Trick

I can’t believe Letterman hasn’t called me yet.  Really.  I’m just so much fun around the house!

Saturday night, as I enjoyed putting together quilt blocks, I did it. 

Yep, another Stupid Tammy Trick.

You may remember that my husband put together the perfect cutting table for me?

See it there in front of the window?  It’s 36″ tall, just right for my height.  It’s an inexpensive 4′ x 8′ folding table we purchased at the men’s toy store (you *know* which orange store I mean), and he added a wonderful piece of 1/2″ plywood to it, and then we secured my cutting mat to that.


Except when it’s not.

Which would be when I bent down to pick up a scrap of fabric that fell on the floor Saturday night….whacking my head and scraping it as I bent all the way to the floor.


Oh yeah, another Stupid Tammy Trick.  Right on my upper forehead.  Ouch!

Letterman?  Circus?  I dunno – but, I obviously live by that motto “no pain no gain”!!!

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    1. sandi a. says:

      Ouch! My head hurts just thinking about how your head hurts! Your sewing room is very neat. I would be embarassed to take a picture of mine right now. It is such a mess but I am trying to clean it today just a bit. 🙂

    2. Joy says:

      You poor thing … I do hope your head gets better soon … ouch!! That’s a lesson learned though … in future, if it falls on the floor, leave it there LOL. I wouldn’t dare take a piccy of my sewing room at the moment [eeek] … but after seeing how spotless yours is {{goodness is it always that tidy??}} I’m feeling a bit ashamed of mine so I’m going to tidy it today!! Honest :o).

    3. mel... says:

      OUCH!!! DID YOU SEE STARS? THAT one hurt!!! 4 kids, a hubby and a indoor dog. Oh yeah… y’all… my Buddy is EXTREMELY organized. EXTREMELY. And she’s funny, too. Ha!Ha!Ha! 🙂

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