Crooked Brook Embroidery

What does a fabric-fanatic do when presented with some absolutely adorable and stunning embroidered blocks? 

Wait, don’t answer that.

Let me just say that in the weeks to come, we both have a treat waiting for us!

Crooded Brook® sent me more than a dozen artfully and beautifully embroidered blocks – TO DO WHATEVER I WANTED WITH THEM!!!

Do you realize what this means, fellow quilters? 

Heaven on earth. 

I layed all of the blocks out, I stroked the fabric, the kids and I made up stories to go with some of them, I photographed the blocks, and then I did what all quilters (that I know) do – my creative juices started flowing!

I am going to take the time today to show the blocks to you.  Get ready because tomorrow I will begin the first of three Crooked Brook® embroidery block giveaways for your very own custom-embroidered set of blocks.

<insert giddy laughter here>

Red Riding Hood Series

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Series

Farm Animal Series

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    1. LaNan Eldridge says:

      I would make a padded book for my grandson! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fun project!

    2. Barbara says:

      Those are great. I would make a baby quilt for a friend who is expecting! Thanks for sharing in such a great offer. I love the embroidered look but i can not ever find the time to do them by hand myself.

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