Back to School Girls

Today was the day!  The girls got all gussied up (in their own way) and headed back to the school bus, for destination SCHOOL 2009-2010!

First Day of School August 24, 2009

DD#1 will be in high school, in the ninth grade.  DD#2 will be in the sixth grade and DD#1 is moving on up into the third grade.  Son-man was still in his jammies when Dad took this photo – which I thought was appropriate, since he was homeschooled – but, the dad-person didn’t think about it … I’ll get  a pix of him soon as he does his work from the comfort of the living room and our big, wonderful, outdoor learning environment!

Ahhhh, back to school schedule.  I’m already relaxed!

Funny about the son-man…I ran into a lady who was one of DD#1’s teachers in sixth grade at the store yesterday, and she just went on and on about how BRILLIANT our son was. 

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