Beyond Thankful

It hasn’t been a secret that we are a family in need.  My husband has been without a job since July 2006, and I bet he would be a top contender in “Dear John” letters if there were a contest for such.  I have been the main breadwinner, but since my MS diagnosis in December, my income has fallen drastically.  We can feed our kids, but anything above that is always a gift from God and family or friends.

When it was time to start thinking about summer activities for our kids, we knew we needed help.  We reached out to my third foster mother (who paid for three of our kids to go to church camp last year) and she paid for us to register our three daughters. 

Then, our Pastor at church said that an anonymous donor wanted to send ALL of our kids to church camp, and he didn’t bat an eye at the price; because although we got camperships for the girls, it was too late to ask for one for our son.  When I told our Pastor the final cost, he obtained a check from the generous donor and we signed all four kids up for camp.

Each of the three younger kids participated for a week in their various age-appropriate camps.  The son-man was ecstatic that we finally allowed him to go to camp (usually, he goes to Boy Scout camp while the girls choose church camp) – and he had a great week!  Our oldest daughter is in the counselor-in-training course, and she had to attend camp for two weeks, at two different camps.  The kids are still “bringing down the roof” with camp praise songs!

We picked the eldest up last week, and now all four kids have had another experience of a lifetime to grow in their faith and keep as precious memories of their youth.

And we, their parents, have yet another lovely heart to pray for and give thanks to God for living and loving our children.

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    Coping Mechanisms

    I just watched the 20/20 show about Jaycee Dugard and found it quite insightful.  I didn’t live through any kidnapping or sexual abuse, but I totally understand that coping mechanism she spoke of.  Many “normal” people do not understand how someone could live in captivity without totally losing her mind.

    As many of you know, my childhood was not a happy one so much.  But, those coping mechanisms kicked in very early in my life.  When my parents didn’t show me (or my next younger brother) love, I established an extremely loving relationship with my maternal grandmother.  After going to my fourth foster home, I was diagnosed by a therapist as being “emotionless.”  I had let all of the issues of life not affect me in the least.  Coping.  Not to mention that I was so absolutely scared to death of losing another family – of continuing with the “throw-away” life that had previously happened to me.

    So, Jaycee – I get it.  I totally get it.  Until you are in a situation where you have to cope, you have no idea what it’s like.  Praise God Jaycee was able to find her way home to her mother.  Thank God for a mother who never gave up hope.  Thank God Jaycee is getting the theraputic help she SO deserves and needs.  I pray she becomes the successful survivor she thrives for …. I have.

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      Eleanor Burns
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        Let Freedom Ring … for

        On this July 4th, I have a very simple but serious request for you to partake in.  Toyota is giving away 100 cars to non-profit organizations, and one that my husband’s cousin works with is  They would like the opportunity to win the car so they can transport more breast cancer patients to and from their radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

        This opportunity is close to home as my MIL is a breast cancer survivor and my paternal grandmother had breast cancer way back early in her life.  

        “Texas Wings provides no-cost cancer treatment to uninsured women in Central and south Texas since 1999 because everyone deserves a lifetime.”  They are a 2011 grantee of Susan G. Komen for the Cure San Antonio Affiliate.

        Please, in between the family, fun, fireworks and food – take a moment to vote for Texas Wings at

        Do it for all women….who deserve a lifetime.

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