Crazy Grammatical Errors from a School

I’m one of those parents who throws a FIT if one of my children brings home a note from school that has spelling and/or grammatical errors in it.  This should NOT happen.  These people are teaching MY children – and yours, too!  There are so many tools that can be used to check spelling and grammar — but, they are not infallible.  Just sitting down and actually reading what you wrote could possibly save a teacher or school from a critical parental letter from me!

On Saturday, my hubster was a judge for the Junior Ag Mechanics show (notice, that is not shown as possessive – according to the powers that be for the event – who are ALL educators).  I toodled around with his judging group, acting as a gopher, photographer and all-around entertainment … just because I’ve been busy with kids for so many years that I never got to enjoy some of the extracurricular activities that my husband attended.

But, I was stopped in my tracks by the following sign, that was on a number of exhibits from a particular school (I have removed the school’s name, to protect the innocent):


Do you see what I see?  At first, I just walked around the sign, to make sure I was seeing what I thought I saw.  Then, I asked the collegiate FFA assistant that was assisting my husband’s group if she thought that “tomorrows” should be possessive.  Heck, she’s a graduating college student, surely she would have taken English 101 and would know.  ummm, not so much.  Then, I asked a judge or two what he thought – just because it was DRIVING.  ME.  NUTS.  All of the judges in our group are well-educated and work, in some way or another, in an ag-related field – two actually holding teaching certificates in our great state of Texas.  I didn’t expect them to be as retentive as I was about this egregious error…but, I did expect them to know the difference between whether a word was possessive or not.  Not so much there, either.

But, it still made me whip my neck around every time I saw a sign that was missing an apostrophe!

As we were leaving the building, I came upon another sign from the same school:


Ahhh.  I felt so much better.  Except for the fact that half of their signs were WRONG – and their teachers that were attending the event with them should be forced to personally fix every single sign that had errors.  With paintbrushes.  Held with their teeth.  And then, their photos should appear on a shameful teacher website for allowing their students to show up to such a prestigious event with signs that were grammatically incorrect.  Shame on them.

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    That Pat Sloan is FUNNY!

    My quilting virtual best friend forever, Pat Sloan (famed quilt designer), designed and posted this photo the other day to a group that we belong to:


    Guess she thinks we’re funny – she’s a city slicker and we’re country folk.  I guess when I talk about living in the hills without a phone, wrangling our chickens (NOT pigs) and not being able to run down the block to the grocery store makes her think I’m a country bumpkin!

    Ok, I am a country bumpkin – and this photo gave me a good laugh.  What are friends for?

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      It is from Ashes we Come and Ashes we Shall Return To

      Today is Ash Wednesday on the church calendar.  A special day, a humbling celebration of the simplicity of life’s beginning and end.

      Today is also the day that my first cousin is being buried.  Fitting?  I’d say so.  She, too, will return to ashes.

      I will not lie, there has been drama with her passing (frankly, I can’t think of a single funeral with that side of my family that hasn’t involved drama of some sort).  It has upset me and hurt me deeply.  I chose not to go to her funeral before the drama began – and thanked God that I made that decision once the drama started.  I will grieve in silence at home, with my family by my side.  I can only turn to God at times like that and lift up those who are doing the hurting in prayer, because that is how He taught us to live our lives:  lift up thine enemies in prayer.  I don’t really see those who have done the hurting as enemies, but giving the issues to God is my way of life.

      But, good has come from the drama, too.  Mostly, the knowledge that I am loved unconditionally by a select few – those few are the ones who took me into their homes and hearts when no one else would, oh so many years ago.  And the knowledge that just because someone is part of your family tree, that doesn’t mean you have to let them into your life.  I’ve said it over and over again lately – I will only allow love into my home.  I deserve it, my husband deserves it and our children deserve it.  Nothing but love.  I will always be a disappointment to those who don’t allow God to control their lives, because they believe they have the control.  Fortunately for me, God IS my Father and He will never again allow me to be that child that so many threw away years ago.

      It’s the dash between the dates on your tombstone that will tell the truth about your life on earth.  What will your dash say?

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        To Coform or Confirm?

        Our DD#2 started confirmation classes at our church two weeks ago, and Pastor gave her a binder to keep her work organized. 

        On Saturday night, she left the binder on the table with a note on it that said, “Mom, will you please make me a REALLY COOL cover for my CONFORMATION book?”

        I laughed at my daughter’s poor spelling.

        Then I laughed some more, because she really didn’t know what she had written – or the ramifications that the incorrect spelling would have on the actual context of how the word was used in relation to confirmation.

        I got sassy for a minute, and made this cover for her book:


        Hubby and I giggled about it, because that really IS the question for anyone — do we conform or confirm with regard to our faith? 

        On Sunday, DD#2 gave the paper to Pastor, without giving him any background info.  So, as I was leaving the church, I explained the note she’d left and why I put that cover together.  He laughed … and I asked what he thought the chances were of the kids conforming or confirming.  He just smiled, and as he walked away, he said quietly – “Conform?  Your kids?  Not a chance.”

        hmmmm, how should I take that?!

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          Another Heavenly Birthday

          Had our mom lived, she would have been 68 years old today.  I can’t imagine what she’d be like, since she passed away in 1977 at the age of 35.  Of course, I can just peer in the mirror to have an inkling of what she’d have looked like since I seem to favor her looks in many ways.

          Mom and Dad (Patricia Elizabeth Hickey Spencer and Raymond Lee Spencer) had six children.  Michelle Spencer Barbor (1961), Michael Spencer (1963-1997), me (1964), Thomas Spencer (1965), Jeffrey Spencer (1967) and James “Jamie” Spencer (1969-1969). 

          Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom!  You were loved.

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