Day 4 of the Biblical 12 Days of Christmas

Today was the coup of Christmas – the defining moment that we did our jobs right.  We went to the Tc2 Ranch under the guise of certificates that DD#1 and DD#3 received for Christmas – teaching them how to care for a horse and to give them riding lessons. 

When we first began, Ms. Tessa asked us what type of pen we had for the horse – yup, she gave it away. 

DD#1 said to us, “You got us a horse?” with excitement in her voice!

All her life, that child has wanted a horse.  She has horse figurines all over her room, has horse magazines that she never throws away and even received a tack box for her sixth birthday, from her Godparents.

She later came to the fence and said, “This really IS the best Christmas ever, isn’t it?!”

We got them a horse.  Just a loaner, one to help teach them responsibility and to learn to ride.  We made two little girls’ dreams come true – though, I have a feeling that the oldest one feels much closer to KC (the horse’s name) than the younger one does.  Mainly because KC stands a good 16 (or more) hands high and DD#2 won’t be able to ride her without the help of DD#1.

But, it sure did make the parent’s have a proud day, knowing that they fulfilled the lifelong dreams of two little girls.  And hey, even I got into the action and rode KC around the arena a couple of times!

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