Local Quilt Guild Show

I was released from my motherly duties this afternoon so I could go to town and attend a craft and art fair and to go to the Hill Country Quilt Guild‘s annual quilt show.  Had a great time with my aunt and enjoyed all of the creativity a girl could ask for!

Let me first say that I am traditional from the word GO.  I love traditional quilt blocks, I love seeing pieced quilts made from these blocks, etc.  I was extremely disappointed to see SO MANY art quilts vs. traditional quilts at the show.  In fact, I think there were nearly as many traditional quilts in a vendor’s booth as I saw hanging in the show.  Disappointed, for sure.  NOT that I don’t “enjoy” art quilts … I just feel that they should be shown and judged separately (and yes, I feel appliqued quilts should also be separate from traditional quilts).  

I’m a traditional quilt snob!

But, there was one quilt that just AMAZED me!  Here is a stunning yo-yo block quilt:

And the part that will now amaze YOU is that THIS is the real size of this little gem:

YES!  FOR REAL!  This teeny-tiny yo-yo block quilt was 6″ wide and 9″ long!  Heck, the RIBBON is bigger than the entire project!  Oy … my fingers hurt just thinking about putting all of those yo-yos together!

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