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Perhaps the moniker my children gave to me many years ago is no longer correct, since MS has robbed me of some of my ability to be a computer geek…but I still occasionally handle websites for clients on my server so think I’ll keep it!

There are many websites that are part of my quilting endeavors.  Some were created for the love of quilting, some for those learning to quilt and some just for the fun of quilting!  These are the websites in my quilting empire:

There are also a couple other websites that are in the process of being developed.

And when I look at this list, I’m a bit embarrassed that I have so many websites…except they’re all about quilting and that has been my passion for over 30 years!

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    Photographing a Quilt

    Not much is said or writtten about how to photograph a quilt.  Many folks lay it down on the floor and snap a shot that way.  Another way is to hang it on the wall or on a frame to take a picture of it.  And still, you can stage an area for a photo shoot with a quilt – commonly seen on tables or on rocking chairs.

    I found a couple of interesting sites that have photography tips for quilts:

    This is an area of the art of quilting that I want to work on.  I enjoy seeing a picture of a whole quilt, but I also enjoy seeing the details and/or a staged photo, where you can actually see a quilt in action.  I think it’s much like looking at selling a house, where the experts suggest that you remove most of your junk from the pad, leaving just enough furniture to show off the details of the space … so that the potential buyers can visualize their own stuff in the house.

    Think about it – as a quilter, do you picture yourself making the quilt you’re looking at a photo of?  And if so, do you put yourself in those shoes when you see a full shot of the quilt?  Or when you see a staged shot? 

    And then do the same with you as the consumer.  I am forever looking at a quilt that I’m making for someone, trying to picture them WITH the quilt wrapped around them.  In this sense, I like to see quilts staged, so I can replace the details of the photo with people and places where the quilt will potentially hang out.

    Here’s an example that may help you visualize what I mean.  There are three photos of the same quilt below (with a little graphic magic from me).  All of them were staged, but each, to me, emits a different ’emotion’ about the quilt:




    I’m going to keep working on my photographing of quilts.  And on lighting and all that goes with it.  I’ve seen some stunning quilt photographs in the Cotton Spice quilting magazine, and in other places – so, I do have some experts and experience to lean on.  But, I want the perfect quilt photo — something that really shows off a quilt, while still allowing for the visual appeal that makes me want to wrap myself around a quilt, too.

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      Babe Loses Head …. a Few Thanksgiving Memories and Christmas Countdown

      Poor thing.  And just before Christmas, too!


      You didn’t hear?

      Go over to the news story HERE … then come back.

      And now look at this:


      Yup.  That’s our eldest daughter, posing at the bottom of the now headless Babe in Klamath, CA last year.  I can’t imagine what that gigantic thing will look like with a stuffed animal head for the holidays!

      Thanksgiving Memories

      I love scrapbooking but find that I’m not so motivated to do pages and pages in a day … or even in a week.  It just gets too boring for me.  I like spontaneous.  I like something different all the time.  I just can’t be tied down to tedious unless it’s absolutely necessary.  But, when you have four kids, it’s very necessary to do something to keep those memories alive.  I’ve found that by creating small book projects from whatever fun we’re having, I’m much more successful at keeping up with the colorful journaling. 

      So, I snapped photos during our Thanksgiving holiday and then took them to the scrapbook table and had a blast!  I made one for my MIL, for my SIL and her kids and for our own family.  They all appreciated them and I’m grateful for the creative time amongst the chaos of the holiday.





      Christmas Countdown


      Thought for this Christmas Countdown day:  Don’t rush it.  It’ll come, one day at a time.  Christmas is about more than the gifts.  It’s about the love for the Christ child.  The love of our own children.  The sparkles in the eyes of all around us.  Try to take a moment to smile at those you see.  Don’t get wrapped up in the fuss of the holiday, get wrapped up in the joy instead.

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        New Elements Posted at

        I hope to use this blog to showcase some of the creative things I do, besides quilt.  When I launched, I had full intentions of having more fun than I should with digital projects.  And then, I met Shannon – a fabulous graphic designer who handles the magazine art for Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine.

        I still plan to continue to create elements for, but Shannon’s work far outshines mine by miles and miles!  So, we’ll share the website and hopefully, as her talents grow, I’ll be able to phase out a little of the additional work that I do so that she can have the spotlight.

        Until then, these are the new free elements that were posted this week at

        “Blueberry Hill” designed by Shannon Smith for

        “Bubble Juice” designed by TKHarrison for

        “May 17 Quilt Tag” designed by TKHarrison for
        A quilt tag, combining a few of the elements that were added to the website this date!

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